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Orlando City vs. Columbus Crew SC: Photo Gallery

An album of images from the Lions’ 1-0 loss in the 2017 home finale.

Kaká shepherds two pitch invaders back to their seats in stoppage time during his final game.
Gabrielle Feulner, The Mane Land

Kaká didn’t get a storybook ending in his final MLS match with Orlando City, as the Lions dropped a 1-0 game to the Columbus Crew. It was not the closure to the home schedule that Orlando City fans wanted. And it was just another match in a series of them in 2017 that didn’t go the way we’d all hoped.

Still, there were individual moments worth seeing, as there are in every match — a smashed shot that buzzed just over the crossbar; a sliding blocked shot by Seb Hines to prevent a potential goal; a pair of children running onto the field in stoppage time to give Kaká the “we’re not worthy!” sign and get a hug from the outgoing captain; and more.

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from the final home match of Orlando City’s 2017 MLS campaign. We hope that they captured a few of those moments worth remembering. And, hopefully next season will go much more smoothly for the Lions.