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What to Look for in Orlando City’s Final Games

Orlando City is out of the playoff race, but can finish strong in its last games.

MLS: New England Revolution at Orlando City SC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we are, two days ahead of the last home match of this season. Sadly, there is no longer a playoff position to play for, after the New York Red Bulls took care of business against Vancouver and no forfeit was given to FC Dallas for using an ineligible player. But, there’s still professional pride to play for and a couple of other things that I personally would like to see out of these final two games.

A Fitting Send-off for Kaká

Oh, Kaká. He’s given us all our fair share of headaches over the last few years. It seemed like he was truly in game-to-game form, with him being an absolute menace one week, and a fly on the wall the next. But regardless of how many ups and downs he might have had during his time here, I personally feel that he has always been a loyal servant to the club and a good example of what it means to be a player for Orlando City Soccer Club.

As such, I would love for him to be given a fitting send-off come Sunday’s match. And I don’t just mean in terms of pre-game festivities, although that would certainly be nice as well. It would just be nice for his last game (it’s been reported that he won’t play in the final game against Philadelphia) to be a memorable one. A good team performance, a strong win, and maybe he even scores a goal. I don’t think it would be any less than he deserves.

MLS: New England Revolution at Orlando City SC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
A Strong Home Performance

This ties in with giving Kaká a good send-off but it would be really nice to get a win in the team’s last home game. Remembering how good it felt to watch the boys tear the Revolution six different new ones, I’d love to see another emphatic win and I’m sure the rest of the fans would agree with me. With the prospect of five Lion-less months ahead of us, I want to soak in as many goals as I possibly can.

Giving Some Young Guys a Look

With nothing left to play for over the last two games, it would be nice to see some of the younger players and some of the OCB guys get a run out with the first team. Not just to give them some time with the first team, but also to give a glimpse of some of the guys in the pipeline for fans who perhaps don’t get to see OCB play on a regular basis. It would give people a better idea of who they just might be seeing in a few years, plus if those players do well then OCB might win a few new fans. Furthermore, I’d be very interested to see how some of them integrate into the first team and play with some of the regulars like Yoshi, and Giles Barnes.

A Formidable Road Performance.

Okay, maybe not formidable. But at the least, it would be good to see the team hold its own and put in a good performance. Against a struggling Union team, the time is ripe to pick up a road win in the last game of the season. Yes, MLS is a disgustingly difficult league to win on the road in, but somebody has to do it and in the last game of the season it might as well be the Lions. Even a well-played and hard-fought draw would be nice to end the season on a good note.

I suppose the overarching theme is that I’d like the team to win these last two games. Which is pretty straightforward. But hey, I’m a simple guy. I like pizza, beer, Orlando City wins, and the United States making the World Cup. What’s that now? We didn’t make the...oh dear. Ohhhh dear.