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Lion Links: 9/30/16

A bionic woman, humble Cyle, and corruption in football! All right here, in today's Lion Links.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Well, all good things must come to an end. It's time to end my time as a writer for The Mane Land, and let my first start off by saying what a pleasure it's been to get to know my local fan base better. Before I started writing, I wasn't aware of the immense passion and support that this team had behind it. I've been honored to read every comment, mean or kind, and bring my idiotic thoughts into your lives. Without further ado, your final links from yours truly.

Humble Cyle

Despite the popular belief that star strikers must be the Ferrari-revving, money-blowing, disrespectful loudmouths that frequent the game of soccer, a recent piece shows that Cyle Larin has always been the opposite. Growing up 40 minutes outside of Toronto, in a town much like Orlando, the big center forward has a history of humble beginnings and a quaint temperament.

Bionic Woman

If there's any good to come from Hope Solo's suspension, it's the fact that the legendary U.S. goalkeeper has taken the opportunity to repair her shoulder. The suspension and termination of her contract obviously gave her some time to think about what she said in Rio, but the loud-mouthed American has also taken time to try and ensure nothing is holding her back from a return. What do you think of Solo? Will she ever return? Leave a comment below.

Breaking News: Football is Corrupt

In a shocking sting operation that featured Sam Allardyce speaking about less than appropriate issues with faux Chinese businessmen, there is another reminder of how skewed one of the largest governing football bodies is. With the numerous FIFA scandals and obvious signs pointing towards the fact that higher-level positions in the world of football are more about who you know and how much you're willing to pay rather than what you're willing to do for those you're supposed to represent, it's no shock that these findings continue to surface.

Messi Next?

Atlanta United seemed to perform a serious coup in grabbing former Barcelona manager Tata Martino as its first head coach going into next year's inaugural MLS season. Tata is well-documented as one of Messi's favorite coaches -- mainly because he let him do whatever the hell he wanted -- but it begs the question, is Messi in America a possibility? As far as tactics go, though, Orlando City fans shouldn't be concerned. Martino's main strategy involved a giant whiteboard with the words "give the ball to Messi" written on it. Until the Argentinian manages to link up with his former focal point, I think we'll be fine.

Well, that's it for me here at The Mane Land. It's been a pleasure bringing what can only be described as menial information into your day on a bi-weekly basis. I've enjoyed being literally the smallest part of your life for a few months now. I love you.