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Pride Pub: Orlando City vs. Montreal Impact

Welcome back to Pride Pub, where we maximize your tailgating experience for Orlando City matches. We’re getting you ready for this Sunday's match against the Montreal Impact with your grub and grog selections. Whether you’re heading to the Campground, or hosting a watch party at your pad, you’ll be set!

Welcome back to the Pride Pub! This Sunday, Orlando City hosts Eastern Conference foe Montreal Impact at Camping World Stadium. Hopefully, the Lions can repeat their 4-1 win over the Impact from a few weeks ago. Once again we do not have a ton of time to get ready, so take off and get that beer, hosers!

(So much Canada in one picture).

Just a reminder on how this works: we choose a craft beer from the country/province/city of our opponent and we include an appropriate recipe to go along with it. Of course, we also choose a Florida craft beer to complement our other recipe, and to represent our Orlando City Lions here in the beautiful Sunshine State.

From Canada, again eh? - Equinoxe du Printemps, Brassiere Dieu du Ciel

Since 1998, Brasserie Dieu du Ciel has officially brewed beer. Of course, much like many others, it all started with a passion for home brewing that grew into a brewpub, and now a full-on brewery with international distribution. Fortunately, we get the chance to enjoy Equinoxe du Printemps.

According to the brewery:

"To celebrate the arrival of spring in Quebec this Scotch Ale is brewed with maple syrup, proposing oak and malt flavours with a hint of caramelized fruit. The warmth of alcohol envelops the mouth and enhances the maple flavour for a sweet yet balanced finish."

Pair with: Hot Spicy Italian Drip Beef. You’ve got all day Sunday to get this ready, so I don’t feel bad about making it a little more challenging. This beer is 9.1% ABV, and Scotch ales tend to be bold and flavorful. To go up against such an ale requires a recipe for a bold meal. The beefy, spicy goodness of the Italian drip beef will be able to stand toe to toe with the Scotch ale.

Dave's recommendation: Since we’re having Italian drip beef, you’ll need Italian bread to sop up afterward. You can certainly buy it at the store if you’re not up for making it yourself.

From Florida - Free Dive IPA, Coppertail Brewing Company

The last time we played Montreal we recommended Coppertail Brewing Company’s Unholy Trippel, and we won in splendid fashion. As such, I thought we’d return to that well, and see if it helps out this Sunday.

According to the brewery:

"Whether you’re diving for stone crabs under Tampa Bay’s Sunshine Skyway or just wishing you were, this beer’s got you covered. Expect huge hits of citrus and pine aromas layered over a bright malt backbone. Perfect for a day on the water."

That’s not too bad a description, but let’s see what our friends at can contribute.

On draft at Coppertail. Pours a mostly clear yellow with a white head. It looks so innocuous in the glass. The aroma is assertive as hell with grapefruit, light orange, kumquat, and loquat. Flavor is similar with light malt, big orange, grapefruit, and kumquat. Light to medium in body, borderline sessionable, and just awesome overall.

by markwise (5187)

Pair with: Spicy Grilled Shrimp. Spicy foods always do well with IPAs, and Coppertail suggests spicy grilled shrimp on their website, so I thought we’d do well to heed their advice.

Dave's recommendations: Grilled Packet Potatoes. Since we’re going to have the grill up and running, might has well take advantage and include this delicious side dish.

Thank you for stopping by the Pride Pub. As always, please comment below and let us know what you think.