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Lion Links: 9/27/16

The Beast roars into MLS Goal of the Week contention and the Don makes his way to Cincinnati for a meeting. FIFA blows it again and a Barcelona player has his interest Piquéd at playing MLS, all in today's Lion Links.

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Well that was some debate last night, folks, and to help us erase the pain of watching democracy in action, we have two things for ya. One: today sees the release of FIFA 17 and therefore a significant decrease in men turning up for work. Two: we continue to bring you the best daily digest of soccer news you need to know in the form of Lion Links.

The Beast is Back!

There weren't really any highlights from Orlando City's disappointing loss to D.C. United this weekend, except for one -- a beautiful free kick from substitute Júlio Baptista put Orlando on the board and gave fans some glimmer of a comeback at 3-1. And now, that goal finds itself up for MLS Goal of the Week.

So remember as always, Mane Landers, to vote early, vote often, and vote from multiple devices if you've got 'em! We need all of the positives that we can get right now.

No Pity in the Fountain City

After a record-breaking year in the USL, FC Cincinnati has put itself on the map as a soccer town and has made it clear that it would like to be in consideration for a place in Major League Soccer. So, as the USL regular season wraps up, and the USL playoffs begin, MLS head honcho Don Garber is set to take in the sights. Garber will be hosting a public event in the city and will certainly be hoping that another grassroots franchise can take the MLS by storm and FC Cincinnati can follow the Orlando City blueprint for success.

FIFA Fumbles...Again

FIFA seems incapable of helping itself these days, so this week's mess up is that the organization has decided to disband its racism task force ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia as the task force has apparently already completed the job, even though they hadn't actually done anything. This decision comes even though racism is occurring more than ever before, and it certainly doesn't help paint FIFA in a more positive light. It did, however, find time to pat itself on the back by giving out the inaugural FIFA Diversity Award.

Gerard has his interest Piquéd by MLS

Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué has acknowledged that he could be interested in moving to MLS before retirement if his time at FC Barcelona comes to an end. The homegrown Catalan has always acknowledged that he wants to end his career at Barcelona, however, he understands the nature of soccer today so he doesn't want to close any doors, and I am sure us and many more will be waiting to see if this move ever transpires.

Free Kicks

That's all for today. Before returning to your planned binge of FIFA 17, make sure to schedule to read our game preview for tomorrow's fixture against Toronto FC, which is a must-win clash for the Lions.