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Lion Links: 9/26/16

OCB is playoff bound, Becky Edwards' last game, Jason Kreis on Orlando City's leadership, a two-tier Premier League, and FIFA solves racism.

Welcome to the Monday edition of Lion Links. Orlando City B was the only winner this weekend. Otherwise, it wasn’t a great weekend for Orlando Soccer fans, but we did get to see Becky Edwards don the captain’s armband for her last match with the Pride. Of course, we also have all the juicy soccer-related news you need to get the week started off on the front foot. Let’s head to the links!

OCB is in the USL Playoffs!

With a 2-0 win over Bethlehem Steel, OCB has made the USL playoffs in the team's first season. Sure, OCB is the lowest seed, but in is in.

Sean Rollins has the whole story of the gutty, must-win performance in your match recap.

A Leadership Problem

According to Orlando City Head Coach Jason Kreis, there is a lack of leadership at Orlando City as the Lions head down the stretch.

"There’s something happening right now, I’m not sure quite what it is, amongst the players. Whether it’s a little bit of a lack of belief, whether maybe there’s some feeling that we need to get smacked in the face before we’re ready to play, I’m not sure what it is."

To be fair, Kreis did what all good coaches do, and took the first share of the blame. That being said, hopefully someone will step up before the next match.

Premier League 2?

Crystal Palace Chairman Steve Parish brought up the idea of a second tier Premier League. A two-tier Premier League above the English Football League would be a logistical nightmare, but according to Parish, the amount of money that is being thrown around is just as scary.

Good News Everyone...FIFA has Fixed Racism!

It seems that FIFA has fixed racism in Russia. Not really surprising since they’ve "fixed" so many things around soccer for so very long. FIFA has disbanded the organization's anti-racism task force prior to the 2018 World Cup. Now if you’re thinking, "Wait, what?" you are having the correct response. This comes after the most recent incident when UEFA gave FC Rostov a partial ban due to racist behavior by their fans. But, don’t worry, FIFA has it all sorted out now. Nothing to see here, move along.

That's going to do it for today's Links. Don't forget to check back later today for more coverage of all things Orlando City!