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Orlando City's FIFA 17 Player Ratings Revealed

With the newest installment of the popular soccer video game just around the corner, Orlando City's player ratings have been revealed.


FIFA 17 will be coming out in just under a week and most Orlando City fans cannot wait to see what their team will look like in this year's upcoming game.

Luckily for these City fans, all of these player ratings have been released early, thanks to Every single player has been released and will be on this year's Ultimate Team mode. Unlike last year, all the Lions players made it into the game, including some of the Orlando City players loaned to Orlando City B for the season. Without further ado, here is a fancy graphic that I put together with all of Orlando City's players and ratings.

It's no surprise that Kaká is once again the top player for Orlando, with an improved 82 rating, compared to last year's 81.

Looking at the roster as a whole, everyone has, in fact, gotten an upgrade in some aspect from last year's game. Matias Perez Garcia joins Kaká as the only gold players on the team this year. The rest of the starters, as well as some of the bench players, are all silver players (any player rated 65-74): Cyle LarinBrek SheaKevin Molino, Antonio Nocerino, Servando CarrascoCristian HiguitaLuke BodenDavid MateosRafael Ramos, Kevin Alston, Joe BendikSeb HinesTommy Redding, Julio BaptistaCarlos Rivas and Pedro Ribeiro. That leaves the rest of the players on the roster bronze, meaning they are rated 64 and lower.

The biggest upgrades from last year are for Cyle Larin, who went from a 66 overall to a 72 and Cristian Higuita, who went from a 65 to a 71. Everyone else either received a one- to two-point upgrade or stayed at their same rating. The only outlier from this was Nocerino, who was hit with a two-point downgrade from a gold card (75) to a silver (73).

The lowest rated player on the team this year is Richie Laryea, but he has spent all of his pro year with OCB, so take that rating for what it is. The last player I'll make a comment on is Joe Bendik, who actually was bumped up in his overall rating by one, but was downgraded in a few key places. His diving rating went down three and his reflexes went down three, while his handling, kicking, and positioning all went up. Still, only going up by one overall isn't the best, considering the year he's had with the Lions.

With that, Orlando City is set with its FIFA 17 ratings. The game comes out on Tuesday, Sept. 27.