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Lion Links: 7/8/16

Much more regarding Adrian Heath's departure, Jack Harrison bags a brace, and views from Jürgen Klinsmann. All in today's links!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You leave the city, and everything goes nuts. Today's links are brought to you live from the Upper East Side in the Big Apple, and some big things have happened to Orlando City Soccer Club in the past few days. Now, I'm aware that my previous tactical analysis pieces and other works have been less than kind to Adrian Heath, but I certainly didn't intend for the man to lose his job. In my absence, the city has regressed into a state of tactical anarchy, and for this, I assume total responsibility. I'm not the hero Orlando City deserves, but the one it needs. I'll be back soon, O-town.

Now, on to your links!

Was This a Long Time Coming?

Adrian Heath's mutual departure from Orlando City was mainly seen as a shock to most Orlando City supporters, but was it something that we could've seen coming? Poor performances in recent games, specifically the away performance against FC Dallas, are something that a lot of people are honing in on as the possible cause for his sacking, but there might be evidence to suggest it's a result of much more than just performance-related issues. The club is evolving, and Heath might've been the last concrete indicator of an organization that's changing its image.

Kaká's Departing Words for Adrian Heath

A number of current and former players have had their say on the sudden decision to part ways with the only coach OCSC has ever known on a variety of outlets. With some positive and some negative takes on his leave, Kaká gave a respectable, but limited answer. Listen here.

All You Need is a Little Positivity

No need to be all doom and gloom after this week's major news, fellow fans. Whether you agree or disagree with the decision to part ways with Heath, all anyone can do now is look forward. The season is far from over, and Orlando City has the undeniable capability to do something special, it's simply a matter of recovering from this loss and living up to the team's true potential. Thanks, you're like the supportive parent I never knew!

Harrison Impresses

Jack Harrison had a goal and an assist in NYCFC's latest win over bitter rivals New York Red Bullsand he grabbed MLS Player of the Week honors from the Mother Ship after our weekly internal poll. The victory was a relieving result for those who witnessed the seven-goal thrashing at the hands of Red Bulls a few weeks prior. And if a derby win wasn't sweet enough, the 19-year-old Englishman is one of the youngest on the team and looks to be a beacon of hope for the future of this new franchise.

A Different View of Jürgen

Many people's perceptions of Jürgen Klinsmann, especially after the Copa América Centenario, are mixed, leaning towards the negative side. In theory, Klinsmann is the perfect fit for the budding soccer power that is the U.S. Men's National Team. Klinsmann is supposed to be responsible for the series of changes in the early 2000s that helped set Germany on the track to success. However, it simply hasn't worked that way since his arrival stateside. The development of younger players has seemed to stagnate, and the U.S. hasn't developed a clear identity under the German World Cup winner. Alas, the media always likes to paint a perception around certain things to make them seem worse than they are. Klinsmann's thoughts portray a much more positive mindset.

That's all I've got for you this morning, Mane Landers. Check back throughout the day for pregame coverage of tonight's match between Orlando City and the Houston Dynamo.