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Orlando City vs. Columbus Crew:Player Grades and Man of the Match

Orlando City was able to get a 2-2 tie on the road against the Columbus Crew. How did your favorite Lions grade out? We've got the ratings and Man of the Match.

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In Bobby Murphy's last match as interim head coach before he hands over the reins to Jason Kreis, Orlando City was able to pull off a gutsy 2-2 draw against the Columbus Crew. Here are our grades and Man of the Match for a solid road point.

Starting XI

GK, Joe Bendik: 7 - Same ole reliable Joe Bendik. Time after time he made save after save. He really can't be blamed on the goals; his back line really failed him in the first half. He made a couple more huge saves after the game was tied, particularly down the stretch. Joe continues to be the reason why this team still has a chance to reach the playoffs. Just think if he had a back line.

D, Kevin Alston: 5.5 - It is tough to grade this back line on just individual performances because at times Alston defended well. There were times where he looks lost in the positioning aspect of it, but so did the whole back line. He didn't get dangerous until Kaká and Rivas came into the match.

D, Seb Hines: 5 - Seb as the center back needed to do better in his positioning with the Tchani goal. The goal came down the center of the field after one simple give and go. That just can't happen in professional soccer. Hines did well to defend in the air, which is his strength, but don't be surprised if the back four gets changed when Kreis takes over.

D, David Mateos: 5.5 - I am at the point where I don't know which center back to put this on. Both Mateos and Hines are not keeping the back line organized and to be beat down the middle of the field multiple times is not going to make Kreis happy. Mateos was below average on his positioning and was able to make some key tackles. His play just doesn't bring confidence. However, he was able to block a few shots to lighten Bendik's load.

DF, Luke Boden: 5.5 - It takes a village to defend and Boden seemed to not be connected with the back four. The back line was disorganized but with all that being said Boden wasn't too much to blame for the issues. He wasn't outstanding defending and rarely got forward in the attack.

MF, Servando Carrasco: 5.5 -. Servando wasn't committed to defend on the Tchani goal. He was able to deflect the ball but Tchani was able to continue his run. Carrasco did well to occupy the space in front of the back line but he wasn't able to turn much of his possession into attack.

MF, Darwin Ceren: 5.5 - A very quiet but effective night. Ceren was getting the ball off his feet quickly with not much materializing. Ceren was effective in his positioning and defending the ball. He was a bit sloppy with giveaways at times, however.

MF, Hadji Barry: 5.5 - Barry had a couple of good moments on the ball but was not as effective getting forward as we saw last week in Vancouver. He wasn't connected in the attack and at one point kept a Columbus striker on side in the first half. He was subbed but we should take each game as a great learning experience for the rookie.

MF, Julio Baptista: 5 - Not one of Baptista's better matches. He couldn't get involved in the attack. He was able to connect a couple of passes here and there but nothing special. Columbus looked to game plan against him as they were defending him as Orlando's outlet.

MF, Kevin Molino: 8 (MOTM) - He was one of the few stars tonight. He had a somewhat invisible first half playing on his weaker left side. He has started to take over the workhorse role that Adrian Winter once held. The second half he was more involved in the attack once he moved back to the right side and was able to be in the right place at the right time on his goal. The Trinidadian served a brilliant ball to Larin for his goal and was able to create opportunities in the final moments.

FW, Cyle Larin: 7.5 - A bright spot in what was a dark, dark first half. Larin had some good opportunities in the first half when he was given a small window of a chance. He hit a post and a crossbar. The second half he was dangerous with the addition of Kaká and Rivas and was able to finish one of his opportunities and forced a great save by Steve Clark on another. If he can continue to stay hot, Orlando City will find results.


MF, Kaká (60): 7.5 - This team needed a game-changing, if not season-changing, moment and the captain's entrance in the 60th minute may have been the answer. Orlando started to immediately attack in numbers and was able to find a goal after a scramble in front of the goal. His header off the cross bar and his role of connecting passes and developing the attack is something Orlando City desperately has missed during his absence. His corner kick cross led to Molino's goal and he was able to hold possession so the Lions could get forward.

MF, Carlos Rivas (60'): 7 - Dangerous on the outside from the minute he entered the field. He was tearing up the outside backs and providing pressure on the back line. We need this output more consistently over a stretch of games. Once Rivas came on, Columbus' dangerous fullback attack was largely stifled.

MF, Cristian Higuita (66'): 6 - Cristian has done well coming off the bench and ensuring he provides more defensive cover. He has been more controlled with his tackles and defending.

Those are the grades from a 2-2 tie against Eastern Conference rival Columbus. What are your thoughts? Vote for your Man of the Match in our poll below.