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The Mane Land Off-Topic: Name of a Brazilian Soccer Stadium or Pokemon?

We've got a challenge for you, readers of The Mane Land. Can you successfully determine which of the following is a Pokemon or a stadium in Brazil (home of the upcoming Olympic Games)?

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.
I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.
Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

So, with Orlando City not providing much in the "lighthearted and uplifting" department around here lately, I wanted to try and see if I could break the monotony of "The sky is falling and we're all on fire, why does everything hurt?" So, with Pride Captain Alex Morgan and the USWNT heading to Brazil for the Olympics to defend their gold medal performance from 2012 -- and Pokemon GO having been released earlier in the week -- I wanted to see if all that training on both sides has paid off.

I wanted to find our whether or not our readers could properly identify whether  someone was talking about a Pokemon or a Brazilian soccer stadium.

Ready? Let's go!

1. Maracana

2. Victreebel

3. Mineirao

4. Machop

5. Garrincha

6. Nyorobon

Six questions, nothing too intense. Scroll down and let's see how you did.








1. Maracana - Home to Flamengo and Fluminense, Maracana is the biggest venue to be used for soccer at the Rio games. Maracana underwent major renovations before the 2014 World Cup. The venue will host one of the semi-final matches of the women's tournament as well as the gold medal game. From the men's tournament, a semi-final match and the gold medal game will be played there.

2. Victreebel -The final evolution of Bellsprout, This Grass-type Pokemon is based on the Nepenthes carnivorous plant. In the anime, James of Team Rocket had a Victreebel that always tried to eat him.

3. Mineirao - Home of Atletico Mineiro, the Mineirao is the fourth largest venue at the Rio games and is another stadium that underwent renovations before the 2014 World Cup. In addition to soccer matches, the stadium has also hosted concerts from the likes of Kiss during their 1983 Creatures of the Night tour, Paul McCartney, and Beyonce as recently as 2013. The venue will host four Group G matches, including two by the USWNT (Aug. 3 vs New Zealand and Aug. 6 vs France). In addition, the venue will host the Aug. 12 quarterfinal match-up between Group E's winner and the third-place finalist in Group F or G, and a semifinal match-up. From the men's tournament, a quarterfinal match-up between Group C's winner and the runner-up from group D will square off.

4. Machop - So, Machop. The first stage of what will eventually be the best fighting Pokemon, Machamp. The only way to get a Machamp is to trade him and if you only knew jerk-ass kids like I knew in elementary school, you'd trade with them only for them to yank the cable out of their Gameboy when they got your machoke, so the game would error out before you got whatever they were trading and now they'd have both a brand new Machamp and a Magikarp they named "Mew" just to mess with you.

5. Garrincha - Estádio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha. Home of Brasília FC, the oldest professional club in the state, and yet, younger than Brazilian soccer legend Pelé (Brasília is 41, Pele is 75). During the Summer Games, the stadium will serve as host to Group A for the men's tournament (Iraq, Brazil, Denmark, South Africa), Group C's South Korea vs. Mexico match, Group D's Argentina vs. Honduras match, as well as the quarterfinal match between Group D's winner and the Group C runner-up.

6. Nyorobon - CURVEBALL! Nyorobon is Poliwrath's Japanese name! Poliwrath is the final evolution of Poliwag. Poliwrath is considered to be a master swimmer due to its arm and body muscles, so much so that Poliwrath is said to be able to swim the entire diameter of the Pacific Ocean without much effort. Oddly enough, despite its clearly developed body, it's still considered a tadpole Pokemon.

So, how'd you guys do? Learn anything about Pokemon or the upcoming Summer Olympic Games?