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Lion Links: 6/24/16

The Pride are back in the win column, a fitting tribute, Diego Maradona threatens other Argentinians, and bidding adieu to Jurgen? All right here in today’s edition of Lion Links!

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United States v Argentina: Semifinal - Copa America Centenario Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Hello, and welcome to another Friday edition of Lion Links! As the summer heat quite literally melted my friend’s rearview mirror off his windshield, I wondered if it was life sending us a sign -- a sign that intended us to say that we must look forward, and never back. Not just because it would be unsafe to do so without a rearview mirror, but because we need to stop looking back at that terrible USMNT performance against Argentina. That’s what we here at The Mane Land are so tasked with doing, and we will take this noble cause with the utmost sincerity.

Pride Returns Home; Posts Dramatic Victory

Jasmyne Spencer scored in stoppage time just moments after a terrific save by Ashlyn Harris denied the Houston Dash, giving the Orlando Pride a 1-0 win. The victory snapped a three-game losing streak and Spencer's goal was the first in about four matches of playing time for the Pride. Michael Citro has your match recap.

The Power of Sport

If you want to read a wonderfully written piece concerning the tragedies that took place in Orlando, Neil Blackmon has you covered. As someone whose perspective is mainly based within the media, it’s disappointing to realize that some may seek to exploit the happenings of a tragedy for the simple gain of view or clicks. We live in a media based world where often the amount of attention one receives on an article may decide the fate of a journalistic career, but that isn't the case here. In a brilliant piece that intends to show us the healing power of sport, Blackmon gives a realistic perspective after a true horror.

Gearing Up for Rio

In what will be the penultimate match for the USWNT, the ladies in red white and blue take on South Africa for the first time in their history. The squads being selected this close to a major international competition often signify the actual team, and Orlando should be proud of the two representatives that have made their way into one of the best international teams in the world. Alex Morgan and Ashlyn Harris are set to take part in what the U.S. hopes to be another successful tournament with this talented group of women.

Bye-bye Jurgen? (Please Let This be True)

Regardless of your thoughts on Jurgen Klinsmann as a whole, the fact of the matter is that he’s only delivered one measly Gold Cup in his time as head coach of the USMNT. In a critical juncture for U.S. soccer, Klinsmann doesn't seem to be implementing a concrete style of play that the nation can get behind, something that is a marquee for any major footballing nation. To cap it all off, the German doesn't seem to be tactically astute enough to pose a threat to teams that are technically superior to the U.S., something that some may label as an important trait when competing in international cup competitions. So, with all that being said, it is with great pleasure that I tell you he’s been linked with the Southampton vacancy, to which I say "tschüss" Jurgen. (We’re quite cultured here).

Quite the Ultimatum

Now I know I said I wouldn't harken back to the Argentinian demolition of the U.S., but it’s quite difficult to ignore quality of that magnitude. I mean that free kick may have been the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, yet perhaps Lionel Messi may have set the standard a bit too high -- even for himself. The world player of the year intends to break this so-called "curse" that besets his generation by taking this year's Copa America crown away from the Chileans this Sunday, but his only comparable comrade, Diego Maradona, had a few words regarding the subject. Let's just say, for Messi’s sake, they grab a favorable result.

That is it for this week's edition of Lion Links! Have a wonderful Friday!