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Lion Links: 6/12/16

OCB Holds on for a big win, the Pride unfortunately fall to Western New York, and Team U.S.A. comes up with a big win over Paraguay. And so much more!

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Good Sunday morning to all of you and welcome to the Church of Lion. In case you're reading this in church, make sure you dim the screen so no one can see that you're paying attention to The Mane Land and not the guy up at the pulpit speaking. With that sound advice, let's hit the headlines!

The Pride Fall to Western New York, 1-0

It was another tough night on the road as the Pride got goose-egged at Western New York, 1-0. Makenzy Doniak scored early in the first half and the Pride could never find the equalizer. Alex Morgan did her best to tie the game up on a few attempts but the back on the net was never found. They travel to Washington next week to try and recover.

OCB Holds on 2-1 Over Charleston

After going up 2-0 with the first half winding down, OCB looked to be in control. Then Tyler Turner got a sent off and a penalty kick ensued. Still, the young Lions showed poise and strength to keep the lead secure in Charleston last night, even at the disadvantage. Kudos go to the OCB defenders for their showing against the Battery. The win gets the team into eighth place in the USL's Eastern Conference. OCB comes back to Titan Soccer Complex next week, where the team will host New York Red Bulls II.

U.S.A. Beats Paraguay! Stars and Stripes Forever!

Team USA. grinded out a 1-0 result over Paraguay last night and, with Costa Rica's surprise win over Colombia, the Yanks are into the knockout round as Group A winners. It was a bit of a harrowing victory, as DeAndre Yedlin received a red card at the start of the second half, courtesy of two yellows in the span of a minute, yet Paraguay never took advantage. Clint Dempsey's first-half goal stood the test and after a shaky start against the Colombians, the USMNT pulled together back-to-back results.

Klinsmann is at it Again

In an article over at ESPN FC, Jurgen Klinsmann talks about how 17-year-old Christian Pulisic got a great opportunity playing over in Germany this past year with the Bundesliga. He then mentions how chances like this wouldn't have been possible in MLS. Way to call out the league again, Jurgen. I mean, it's not like the MLS never played 'em young, like maybe a 14-year-old by the name of Freddy Adu? Nope, never heard of him? Well, Orlando City has a teenager named Tommy Redding. Hmmm...

Some Sad News from the Euros

An English fan is fighting for his life tonight after a war zone broke out in France on Saturday. It was a sad scene to see unfold before the Russia and England match and the 51-year-old is in critical condition. From one soccer fan to everyone else, can we please keep this nonsense out of it? No fans need to be hurt for supporting their teams.

Free Kicks

In non-soccer news, Gordie Howe passed away at age 88 on Friday. RIP Mr. Hockey...In Euro 2016, England was up until the very last minute, when Russia scored the equalizer to seal the tie...And congrats to Wales for their win over Slovakia. Gareth Bale put away a beauty on the free kick to get on the international board.

Well, that's it for today.  Now stop reading this and start singing that hymn. People will notice!