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Orlando City Stock Watch: David Mateos Enjoys Triumphant 2016 Debut Against New England Revolution

Aurélien Collin may be gone, but David Mateos went right to work making us forget all about him. How did the Stock Watch feel about your favorite Lion?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Late-game theatrics and one point for both teams? Why, you'd think the Orlando City Lions and New England Revolution have combined to draw 61% of their games or something.

With the 2-2 result, Inchy's boys find themselves with four draws in eight tries, while the Revolution's count grows to seven in 10 games.

Do you remember what three points feels like? Me neither. But the Stock Watch liked what it saw from some Lions, setting up some positive momentum as Orlando continues to hunt for three points for the first time in what feels like a decade.


David Mateos - Appearing for the first time this season in MLS play, Mateos was arguably the best player on the pitch for this one. He was active and disruptive throughout the 90, helping as much as you could hope for when protecting goalkeeper Joe Bendik from what was a relentless Revolution attack. With his nine clearances and four interceptions both leading the team, Mateos turned in the kind of defensive effort that Bendik and the fans alike can all appreciate.

When he did gain possession in his own third, he was quick and accurate in springing the counter attack, completing 13 of 21 long passes. We've seen before this season what Servando Carrasco's ability to jump-start the counter attack can do for this offense -- it is very encouraging to see we have a center back that also has that tool in his arsenal.

Carlos Rivas - Only coming on in the 80th minute, he made his presence felt immediately, using his elite athleticism to put himself in advantageous, threatening positions from the moment his spikes hit the turf.

His athleticism has never been in question -- it's been his ability with the ball at his feet. Normally, fans rejoice when a Carlos Rivas shot manages to stay in the field of play. But when he finds the back of the net -- from free play, no less -- well, we go effing mental.

Rivas does a great job sticking with this play, looking to time his run from the moment Júlio Baptista plays over the top to Kid Fantastic. He turns on the after burners not a second too late, managing to get a boot on the ball and the Lions a point.

Bonus points if you noticed that it was Mateos who started that counter by taking possession away in the air.


Antonio Nocerino - This is it, folks. This is as low as our pal Antonio's stock will get. At this point, we're no longer expecting anything -- just stupidly optimistic that the next game will be the one in which it all clicks for him.

"How did that not go in?" asked the commentator, Adrian Heath, every single fan with a pulse and Nocerino himself. You see 6-year-olds in Lot 9 hitting that shot on the nets that line the fence before home games.

We all know the man is talented. We're all excited for him to put it all together. We won't be talking about him again in this space until he does.

Seb Hines - This was not a great game for Seb. This unmitigated disaster of a highlight pretty much sums up his performance.

He finds himself in position to make a play -- even taking out the attacker -- but seemingly refuses to interrupt the ball. It literally travels right in front of him, in the box, and he doesn't stop it.

Bendik deserves better than that, and Seb has proven capable of being better than that. The Mateos performance felt like a step forward for the back line, but a play like that feels like two steps back.