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Pride Pub: Orlando City vs. Philadelphia Union

Welcome back to Pride Pub, where we maximize your tailgating experience for Orlando City matches. This week, we’re getting you ready for the match against the Philadelphia Union with your grub and grog selections. Whether you’re heading to Camping World Stadium or watching with family and friends, you’ll be the toast of the town!

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Here at the Pride Pub, where we provide the grub and grog recommendations that allow you to fully enjoy Orlando City matches. Just a reminder on how this works: we choose a craft beer from the city/state/region of our opponent and include a recipe to pair with that beer. We also choose a Florida craft beer to represent our Lions and the beautiful Sunshine State.

This week, Orlando City hosts those Rocky statue-having palookas from the City of Brotherly Love. That's right, the Philadelphia Union make the trip to Camping World Stadium, and hopefully we'll show them the same hospitality that they showed us. We're on a short turnaround, so I hope you're ready to get your game face on. Let's get to it!

That's right it's Rocky 1. Philadelphia doesn't win this time. Apollo and Orlando both end in "O!"

From Pennsylvania - Victory Golden Monkey, Victory Brewing Company

Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski not only brew beer, but they also have three brewpubs, where they also provide delicious food. As such, I'm going with recommendations straight from their menu this week.

According to the Brewery:

"A magical, mystical Monkey whose golden soul glows with the wisdom of the ages. This warming, flavored ale is rich in the spirited tradition of Belgian-inspired brewing. Our Golden Monkey is both playfully delightful and profoundly satisfying. Exotic spices from the East round out this global journey to joy. Get on board. This Monkey's bound for glory!"

Pair with: Apricot Glazed Salmon. According to Victory Brewing, this Belgium Trippel goes well with seafood, and I like how the apricot glaze will complement the brew. Plus I had bought too much salmon for the last game, and I didn't want it to go to waste.

Dave's recommendations: Rice Pilaf. What else would you have with salmon? Plus, having that starch for this 9.5% brew is not a bad idea.

From Florida - Havakow Milkstout, 10-Ten Brewing Co.

We're going really local with this choice, so grab your Growler and head on down to Virginia Drive, and visit 10-Ten Brewing Co. I'd love to tell you more about them, but they're pretty shy when talking about themselves.

The boys at 10-Ten Brewing have not provided a description of their beer, so we must look elsewhere:

"Pours a dark brown color and topped by a small beige head of foam that settles quickly to a thin film. The aroma shows notes of dark roasted malt, light cocoa, earthy roast, and milk sugar over a toasted caramel malt base. The flavor follows with light cocoa, dark roasted malt, and earthy roast up front with a nice bitterness on the back end and some sweetness from the milk sugar. Medium bodied with balanced carbonation that leads to a bitter sweet finish. Nice little milk stout." - according to Juiceisloose on

Pair with: Roast Beef and Provolone Sandwiches. Sweet stouts (milk stouts) go well with roasted meats, and given we're on a short turnaround, I figured these sandwiches would be an easy and delicious choice.

Dave's recommendations: Homemade Potato Chips! You knew I wouldn't let you off that easy, didn't you? Enjoy!

It's time to exact some revenge for the loss to Philly earlier this season, and to follow up Saturday's home win with another. Let's celebrate another victory with these tasty beers and delicious dishes. Thanks for stopping by, let us know what you think in the comments, and Vamos Orlando!