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Pride Pub: Orlando City at Philadelphia Union

Welcome back to Pride Pub, where we maximize your tailgating experience for Orlando City matches. This week, we’re getting you ready for the match against the Philadelphia Union with your grub and grog selections. Whether you’re watching with family, or hosting a party, you’ll be the toast of the town!

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Here at the Pride Pub we provide craft beer and appetizing meal to enjoy during Orlando City matches. Just a reminder on how this works: we choose a craft beer from the state/city/area of our opponent and include a recipe to pair with that beer. Of course, we also choose a Florida craft beer to represent our Orlando City Lions and the beautiful Sunshine State. This week, Orlando City heads to Talen Energy Stadium to take on the Philadelphia Union. We're sitting in first place and two points above Philly in the standings. Let's hope that we come away with the victory, in more ways than one. We're on a quick turnaround again, so plan on hitting the store on the way home. You are reading this at work, right?

From Pennsylvania - Victory Helles Lager, Victory Brewing Company

Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski were lifelong friends that both got into home brewing. Eventually they took it to the next level, quit their boring jobs, and became Brewmasters. When they struck out on their own to start Victory Brewing Company, they chose an old Pepperidge Farm factory.

The rest is history.

According to the Brewery:

"There was a time when all beer tasted this good. Back when immigrant Brewmasters turned fresh malts and hops into liquid gold. Before big business lessened our precious beer with corn and rice. Having trained in Germany, we thirst for better beer. So, we brew better beer like this crisp, golden, helles-style lager. Brewed with patience from quality German malts and hops, it is a Victory for Your Taste!"

Pair with: Grilled Bratwurst and Onion Sandwich. Helles Lagers go great with grilled sandwiches, so we're going to keep up the German theme and go with Bratwurst.

Dave's recommendations: German-style Potato Salad. I'm not a big potato salad person, simply because I don't like mayo. That's the great thing about German-style potato mayo!

From Florida - Maduro Brown Ale, Cigar City Brewing

Recently, the kings of mass produced beer (Inbev) were trying to purchase Cigar City. Fortunately, for those of us like like craft beer, United Craft Brews LLC. stepped in and saved the day. United Craft Brews LLC. is also home to Oskar Blues Brewery. So, while Cigar City might not be independent, production remains in Tampa.

According to the Brewery:

"Maduro is a Northern English-style brown ale with some American affectations. Maduro is higher in alcohol than the common English brown ale and features flaked oats in the malt bill which imparts a silky body and works to mesh the roasted, toasted and chocolate components together in Maduro's complex malt profile. The end result is a remarkably full-flavored yet approachable and sessionable brown ale that pairs well with mild to medium cigars."

Pair with: Easy Chili. Brown Ales are the utility player of the beer world when it come to food. They can pair with almost anything. Given the short time-frame, I figured some easy to make chili would be tasty and quick.

Dave's recommendations: Since the chili was easy, we're going to make the side dish more challenging. Homemade Pretzels! Of course, there are the frozen variety if you are pressed for time. Enjoy!

No losses yet for Orlando City. Hopefully, we can celebrate another victory with these great beers and fantastic dishes. Thanks for stopping by, and Vamos Orlando!