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Orlando City at New York Red Bulls: Player Grades and Man of the Match

It's time to hand out grade cards for the Lions' second loss of the season. Where did your favorite Orlando City player stack up? Well, it's probably not good. Oh, and vote for your Man of the Match in our poll.

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I mean. I can't even muster an introductory paragraph after that performance by Orlando City and yet another significant blown call by an MLS referee.

Let's just get to the grades.


G, Joe Bendik, 8.5 (MOTM) - The Lions' keeper did everything he could to keep his team in it but the dam eventually burst and Orlando allowed a season high goals against to a team that had been shut out five times in seven matches. His heroic diving stops on Mike Grella and Felipe are the stuff legends are made of. His long ball for Larin should have resulted in a scoring chance but Karl Ouimette's scissor tackle takedown prevented that. Joe deserved better from his teammates, who repeatedly put him under pressure with poor defending and even worse passing.

D, Brek Shea, 5 - Mixed bag for Shea, who showed off some skill going forward at times. He gave Lloyd Sam perhaps way too much respect on the left side, allowing the NYRB midfielder to have lots of space to rain crosses into the box. He did make a vital goal-saving blocked shot in the 41st.

D, Tommy Redding, 5.5 - The teenager was outstanding when defending one-on-one even though the team struggled to defend as a unit. Blocked several shots throughout the game and made perhaps the tackle of the season in the box, getting it just right in the 67th minute. I'm docking points for the fact he got badly nutmegged on the Grella goal, but the teenager has been solid this season.

D, Seb Hines, 5 - Blocking shots and getting a foot in at the last second throughout the game, it still wasn't Seb's best match. His passing seemed a bit off (everyone's did) and a few too many scrambly moments at the back. Had a few chances to clear that went wanting. Not a terrible outing, but we've seen better.

D, Rafael Ramos, 6 - Easily Rafa's best game going forward, crossing the ball and being dangerous in the attack. However, he still lost his man far too often in defense. Grella and Bradley Wright-Phillips ate him up down the channel and he allowed too many dangerous crosses to get into the area. Still, given the way he's played this season so far, this is a step forward for the young Portuguese defender and maybe something he can build on.

MF, Adrian Winter, 5 - It was a tough and quiet night for the Swiss midfielder. He put in his typical hard-working shift before being subbed off for Hadi Barry in the 77th minute. His passing rate was pretty good, but he attempted only 17 all night, as he had trouble getting into pockets of space and linking up with teammates. He finished with 33 touches, the least of the starting midfielders.

MF, Cristian Higuita, 5.5 - He's so good at breaking up the play in the midfield that it's sometimes easy to overlook his flaws, but the young Colombian displayed both his strengths and weaknesses in this game. He finished with a game high seven tackles and harassed New York's midfielders all over the pitch, but also committed four fouls and all of them allowed free kicks in dangerous spots, with one of those resulting in a goal. He also got another yellow card and turned the ball over with subpar passing on multiple occasions.

MF, Darwin Ceren, 5 - Basically everything I said about Higuita but without as many tackles (2), free kicks given or the booking. He did have four interceptions though. Darwin was as guilty as anyone of turning the ball over in Orlando's end.

MF, Kevin Molino, 4 - Let's see, two shots -- neither on target --a paltry 69.2% passing accuracy, numerous turnovers, and he tired visibly in the final 20 minutes. Not the Trinidadian's best game.

F/MF, Julio Baptista, 5 - I'm grading on a curve here, since it was just his second start. His pass sprung Ramos on Larin's goal, which was good. His numerous turnovers were bad. Like Molino, he visibly tired in the second half. Completed 79% of his 19 passes, which isn't great. Took one shot, which was on target but had no real menace to it.

F, Cyle Larin, 7 - Fairly strong effort from the Canadian international considering he wasn't getting a lot of service. Finished the Ramos cross with ease and composure. Saved a shot off the line late in the first half with a timely header. Shook free of the defense for a chance on goal, only to be chopped down from behind by Ouimette without getting a call. Narrowly missed a second goal off a header. Did struggle at times in his hold-up play and lost the ball easily a few times.


MF, Carlos Rivas (63'), 4.5 - Contributed a couple of dangerous crosses and a near-miss on a free kick. Also picked up a yellow card and turned the ball over on a play that turned into a goal.

F, Hadji Barry (77'), N/A - I'm not sure if I should give him a bad grade or no grade, getting only four touches in 13+4 minutes but I'll be generous here and give the rookie the benefit of the doubt since he did play for Orlando City B in Pittsburgh on Friday.

Be sure and vote for your Man of the Match below and let me have it with both barrels for whatever I said that you disagree with. It's a good time for that because I'm completely numb.