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Let's Turn Back The Clock: Orlando City Should Hold A Throwback Night

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2011 was a great time in Orlando City history. Is it too soon to revisit it?

Major League Soccer is 20 years old, and a handful of MLS clubs are celebrating the league's 21st season by holding throwback nights to celebrate their heritage.

A couple of weeks ago, the San Jose Earthquakes celebrated the date of the very first game in MLS history against D.C. United, turning back the clock to when they were the Clash. This past week, Sporting Kansas City and the Colorado Rapids went back in time, with the 'Wizards' making their way back to the pitch in Kansas City. And this weekend, D.C. United will again party like it's 1996, throwing it all the way back for their game at RFK Stadium against New England.

Orlando City hasn't been around all that long in MLS, of course, having joined the league just last season, but the club has been around in Orlando since 2011, when it moved over from Austin, TX, to chase down MLS dreams.

So, why doesn't Orlando City hold a throwback night to its very first season in 2011? Come on, who wouldn't love to see those red unis again?

Don't get me wrong, purple is great, and Orlando City should never go away from it. But those red kits just have something about them that would make fans throw a ton of money at limited edition throwback shirts, scarves, hats and/or socks.

As the folks over at Disney can tell you after the latest installment to the Star Wars saga, you can make a lot of money off the past. And Orlando can certainly say the same thing about anything with an Orlando City logo on it. Just look at how quickly the Manatees gear has been flying off the racks at games -- and that wasn't even a real team.

MLS rules would probably prevent the team from being able to use the jerseys in an actual MLS match, like you would see happen in MLB and NBA games, but bringing in the red look just for warm-up kits -- like San Jose and Sporting KC have done -- would be more manageable. Or the club could wear them for a friendly.

There would be a really cool feeling in the air by taking things back to 2011, where it all started -- in the Citrus Bowl -- especially with as many members of that 2011 USL Championship team as you could get out to attend the game.

I know it hasn't been that long since that happened, but hey, I'm just a soccer fan in Orlando. I want to celebrate history, too.

It's just an idea that I wanted to float out there for you, Phil Rawlins. I know you're listening.