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The B-List: Orlando City B Stumbles Again Against Harrisburg City

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OCB is officially floundering after the team's most recent slip-up against Harrisburg City. Yet, there is no slip for the B-List, which is here to give you all the details you didn't know you wanted.

Matt Starkey

Saturday was one of those days where, from the moment I woke up, I knew it was going to be a long day. See, my friends and I have been throwing a pig roast annually for the past 15 years, with the last four taking place on the beach. One of the key draws of our pig roast is that we brew our own beer, and Saturday was brew day.

We brewed up two ten-gallon batches: a light and crisp summer ale, and a pale ale modeled after Sweetwater 420, but with a little more hop forward finish (thanks to a late Simcoe addition). Because I can only brew one batch at a time with my kit, we have to start at 8 a.m. in order to finish up batch number two by 6 p.m.

Now, if you've ever brewed before, you probably know that the brewing process consists of brief moments of intense activity separated by lengthy moments of sitting around sampling the last brew's output, pulling food off the smoker, and playing cornhole. It's a long day.

So, by 7 p.m., when we all prepared to roll out to the OCB game, we were pretty worn out. We really could have used a nice, enjoyable game where OCB dominated. Instead, OCB made it such that our hangovers started early.

Follow Up

I've been hard on the team for the inconsistencies around the game day experience -- specifically, the lack of food and a beer tent. Now, it's time for some credit where credit is due. This week, there was a wide assortment of food trucks and a beer tent.

I've previously been crediting this affront to the gods of food and fermentation with some of the early season struggles and, not coincidentally, the weather finally held out. It was extremely windy and surprisingly cold on Saturday, but as a soccer player, you'd be hard pressed to pick a better temperature to play in. Yet, it seems that this logic only applies to the weather, and OCB has to take responsibility for its own performance.

Sorry, guys. I tried.


The number of red cards received at home is now three times the number of goals scored. If we add in the one road game, the score is 3-2 in favor of red cards.

OCB has now scored one measly goal in three games in front of the home crowd. I will give a tremendous amount of credit to the Harbor City Hooligans, who have not let the paucity of goals dim their spirits, but as a fan, it's decidedly more difficult to get up for a game when you're more likely to see a player sent off than you are to see a ball in the net.

I get it that OCB is more about player development than it is about wins, but it's hard to imagine that the players are learning a whole lot by playing undermanned and not scoring goals. It's not like they're just missing goals either. They're simply not creating many scoring opportunities -- even when they're at even strength.

If OCB doesn't start turning around the on-field product, they run the risk of doing these players more of a disservice, as opposed to developing their abilities.

Sweet, Dozens of People Saw Us on YouTube

This was my response to my buddy's text after his wife apparently saw us on the broadcast. I don't think it's hard to make the broadcast, as I think the number of people in the stands only slightly outnumbers the number of people on the field.

Some of my friends commented on Saturday that they felt the $15 cheap seats plus $8 parking is a bit steep for the quality of soccer (and no, that wasn't meant as a dig on OCB's performance).

So, with that said, I decided to do a decidedly non-scientific analysis of USL ticket prices. Looking at the teams we've played so far, OCB is definitely on the high end of ticket prices. Louisville also has their lowest ticket price listed at $15. Charleston has $10 tickets available. Harrisburg City has advanced tickets available for $14, but youth tickets are available for $9 ($8 in advance). Wilmington has $12 tickets available, but also has $8 youth tickets. It should be noted that OCB does not have a youth rate, though children aged two and under get in free.

While I can't speak to the parking prices, I doubt that $8 per car is a bargain among USL venues.

Add that to the definitive lack of local promotion, and the game results, and it's no wonder that the crowds are starting to vanish.

Checking the Table

OCB continues to avoid the basement, thanks to FC Montreal. Montreal lost to Wilmington last weekend to remain the only team in the league with zero points, although they have played one fewer game than OCB.

Looking Forward

There are two games on the slate in the next week as OCB travels to Pittsburgh to take on the Riverhounds on Friday, before heading over to Harrisburg for a rematch against the Islanders on Monday. Pittsburgh has played only two games this season, losing to Rochester in its opener, before drawing with Toronto FC II.

Harrisburg City picked up its first win of the season here in Melbourne last weekend.

There's your B-List for this week. With any luck next week we'll be basking in the glory of OCB's first victory by the time next week's column rolls around.