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Orlando City Stock Watch: #MolinoMania Runs Wild at the Citrus Bowl

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The Original Kevin Molino has been on fire lately, growing more comfortable and living up to the hype that surrounds the midfielder. The stock watch smiles on him -- how does it look at the rest of your favorite Lions?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another display of disastrous officiating, another draw. While still trailing New England's five ties in seven games, Orlando City's three in six matches tops every single club in the Western Conference.

They may have only won two of six, but inversely, they've only lost one of six. That's something. Right?

Officiating nightmares and fist-shaking at the league table aside, Inchy's boys turned in strong performances and less than stellar performances -- how does the stock watch see them?


Kevin Molino - The Original finally scored from free play, putting the Lions ahead in the 92nd minute to extend his points streak to three games. Coming on after an hour of spectating, notice how Kevin sees that he has an opportunity to take a shot at net, so -- in a shocking twist -- he takes it, and awesomeness ensues.

Have a shot? Take the shot. Think you maybe have a shot? Be safe, take the shot. The more Kevin Molino shoots, the more we lose our minds when he inevitably scores, the harder #MolinoMania runs wild. This is one of those rare win-win-win scenarios.

Julio Baptista - A real nice (starting) debut for the new attacker. As a lone striker, Baptista drawing a penalty before the first chants even had a chance to start gave the team an opportunity to take control of the game immediately, and his work deferring to Cyle Larin in the second half showed his quality working as a play maker.

It may be just one match, but it was a promising example of quality depth up top.


Antonio Nocerino - "Disaster" would probably be a fitting adjective to describe Nocerino's performance. Gavin Ewbank gave the guy a two in his player grades. Commenter Tommy Scott added, "The man didn't know he was doing out there." JackMcAwesome thought he deserved a one.

We all know Nocerino is talented, however. The transition to MLS, to America, to this club, is not easy for everyone. Some come and flourish, like Cyle Larin or Cristian Higuita. Some struggle to find their footing, like Bryan Rochez and Martin Paterson. For some it just takes time, like Brek Shea or Seb Hines.

Here's to hoping Nocerino is no Paterson.

Adrian Winter - Coming off a strong outing against Philadelphia that saw him notch a goal, Winter's hour of mediocrity is enough to see his stock drop. Attempting 15 passes and registering just 19 touches in 61 minutes, Winter will need to be more influential to see his stock back on the climb.


Who did you see as rising and falling this week? Let us know below and please vote in our poll.