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Adrian Winter vs. Kevin Molino: Which Lion is More Deserving of a Starting Spot for Orlando City?

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Both wingers have impressed in different aspects for Orlando City, but when it comes down to it, who should get the nod for the starting spot?

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Orlando City Head Coach Adrian Heath currently has a very good problem. The Lions have two very good wingers who both primarily like to play on the right, both of whom have made a good case that they deserve a starting role on the team. The problem is that there's really only one spot in the starting 11 for the two of them.

In terms of the team as a whole, it's a great issue, because this means that the team -- unlike last year -- has some depth. That depth could have really helped in the dog days of the season when players were going down with injury and getting called up for national team duty.

In terms of these individual players, it's a bit deeper than that. So far, both Winter and Molino have shown that they are very capable starters. They have both also shown that they can be equally as effective as a "super sub" coming off the bench to play the final 20-30 minutes of games.

Through six games this year, five of them being starts, Winter has amassed two goals from 10 shots with five being on target. Meanwhile, Molino, in five starts as well, has notched two goals and two assists from 14 shots, with seven of those on target. Molino has also been one of the most fouled Orlando City players per minute, with 12 fouls suffered, while Winter has only been fouled three times.

In terms of impact on the field, both Winter and Molino have started in four games together, playing opposite one another on either wing. Both have had their moments on the pitch, but the main barometer for their play has been when one of them has started and the other has come off the bench.

In the home opener against Real Salt Lake, Molino went 61 minutes before Winter came in and gave Orlando a much-needed spark off the bench. He even scored the game-tying goal in stoppage time to send the fans home happy. Meanwhile, in the most recent affair, Winter also played 61 minutes before being subbed off for Molino. The Trinidadian gave the Lions a chance as they pushed for a game winner, which almost came when Molino scored a questionable goal in stoppage time to give Orlando a temporary lead.

In all honesty, both players bring something to the table that would deservedly earn them a starting role. We've seen both of them start in games, but when one is replaced for the other, the substitute's impact is much bigger down the stretch.

So, who should be starting for Orlando City on that right wing?

Personally, I'm still for Kevin Molino to get the nod. Not only has he been with Orlando since 2011 and has been a key catalyst for each team from then until now, he has the support of Adrian Heath who thinks the world of the 25-year-old. Not only that, Winter coming off the bench allows a more physical, speedy player to come in and change the attack for Orlando, while Molino's game is more about finesse and creating chances for others. Winter has shown his ability to create for himself, which is something Orlando usually lacks in the final moments of the game.

What say you in this case? Who should get the nod on the right wing? Let us know in the comments.