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Sunday Statistical Showdown: How Does the 2016 Team Compare to 2015?

With five matches under its belt, how does the 2016 version of the Orlando City Lions compare to 2015?

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Considering the schedule and the opponents, Orlando might be lucky to find itself in the top three in the Eastern Conference following a late loss to Philadelphia on Friday. Unfortunately that loss was one that felt as if it was deserved after losing possession many times in the wrong half, while also not controlling the ball for a majority of time in chilly Chester.

This led to The Mane Land wanting to return to a discussion that plagued Orlando at some times in 2015: run of form. That discussion centers around team play and how the Lions are carrying themselves whether at home or away. This run of form analysis will be something that The Mane Land will continue to highlight throughout the season and will be something that the writers will continually discuss not only with Orlando City but also with the Pride and OCB as well.

So far this season Orlando City has seen a run of form that has led them to a top three position within the Eastern Conference as well as being in the discussion of one of the better teams within MLS. Some may argue with this last statement but considering the shellacking that Orlando laid upon Portland a week ago, many should make sure to pay attention to the second year MLS club moving forward.

Looking at how the points for Orlando have differed from this 2016 season when compared to 2015 there are a few differences, most importantly in the way that Orlando is no longer afraid to take three points. Last year seems to be different from this year in the way that Orlando is ready to push for three points, where in 2015 it often felt like the team was playing for a draw.

In the form look below we can see how Orlando fared in the first five matches in 2015 versus how they have fared this year.

So far in 2016 Orlando has found itself to be playing well considering that the Lions have earned points in the first four matches of the 2016 season. This has shows that Orlando has been more consistent in 2016 than in 2015 where it started by earning five points over the first five matches, compared to eight points through five games this season.

Orlando may not show this type of point garnering ability throughout the MLS campaign but the fact remains that it has no doubt improved upon the 2015 season within the first five matches while also boasting those accomplishments without some very integral players, namely Kaká, in the first few matches.

With some time off until Orlando faces New England on April 17, the team has an opportunity to not only grow but also find that run of form that every team is constantly searching for that can lead to many dominant performances ahead. Here is to hoping that Orlando finds those opportunities and that those lead to many chances at earning three points in the future.