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PawedCast Episode 40: An Interview with Kevin Alston & Real Salt Lake Preview

We're back with an exclusive interview with Orlando City defender Kevin Alston. Plus, a preview of what we expect out of Real Salt Lake on Sunday, whether the bowl will be filled, injury talk, and more.

We're just days away from the first kick of the 2016 Major League Soccer season. While we are excited about the prospect of filling the Citrus Bowl with more than 60,000 screaming, purple-clad fans on Sunday, someone else might be even more amped up about it -- the players.

Orlando City defender Kevin Alston joined us to talk about his excitement for opening day against Real Salt Lake, plus his transition from the New England Revolution, his role with the Lions, his battle with Rafael Ramos for the right back spot, and more. If anyone is as stoked for Sunday as us, it's Kevin, and we thank him for coming on the show.

We also break down what we think might happen with the #FillTheBowlAgain campaign, discuss whether Real Salt Lake has an advantage from playing two competitive matches already in the CONCACAF Champions League or a disadvantage from playing in midweek, and plenty more.

And no PawedCast would be complete without our obviously wrong, soon-to-be-ridiculed score predictions for Sunday. Here's how the show unfolded:

0:13- Nocerino's arrival, RSL's advantage/disadvantage for Sunday, filling the Citrus Bowl and a bit of injury talk as we head into the opener this weekend.

19:23- Kevin Alston joins us and if there's anyone more excited about Sunday than him, I'd like to meet him. He tells us about his assimilation into Lion Nation.

32:10- Final predictions time! Two of us have higher hopes for Sunday than the other.

That'll do it for this week. We'll be back to talk about opening day and what we hope is a big Orlando City victory.