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Lion Links: 3/2/16

In today's links we look at Rafa's emotions, stadium lawsuits, Alex Morgan's prep, the CONCACAF Champions League and more.

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Yesterday, my friends, I had a view of the future. My 3- and 5-year-old daughters had their first ever soccer practice. The passion they displayed in their first real exposure to the game was brilliant, and I'm convinced that they have long and successful futures in the game. If they can find a way to channel the energy spent chasing their shadows and giggling at butterflies into scoring goals, I strongly suggest that you all place your orders for Vega Pride jerseys before they sell out.

And now ... Links!

Rafael Ramos is Trying to Attack the Season ... Calmly

I've already gone on record as saying that I think Rafael Ramos will be a breakout player this year, which pretty much means I believe he'll keep his emotions in check. After receiving a yellow against Bahia, Ramos was making me look less than prescient. Ramos is working on maintaining his composure while still maintaining the competitive edge. It's a skill that all young players have to develop, though some struggle with it more than others. No amount of talent will keep him on the field if he can't keep his temper.

Orlando Pushes Back Hard on Suit

You may remember about a month ago when activist Lawanna Gelzer filed a lawsuit against the City of Orlando requesting that the land transfer to Orlando City be reversed. Well, Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando is apparently a fan of tronochick's work, as he agreed with her assessment that the land transfer is legal. He then took it a bit further and called the suit "a frivolous lawsuit filed by one of the people that likes to see their name in the paper." Clearly, Mr. Dyer feels strongly about the matter. For her part, Ms. Gelzer says she will not drop the suit, so look for more on this story in Lion Links of the future.

Alex Morgan Ready for the Season

One of the big questions that the Orlando Pride is looking to answer is what version of Alex Morgan it will see. Morgan was electric in 2012, but has seen her effectiveness wane in recent years as she's battled a number of injuries. Morgan discusses this and more in this article by Equalizer Soccer. Her frustration about her performance during the World Cup-winning run last year is a sign of her competitiveness, and I expect to see that drive lead her to a big year with the Pride.

CONCACAF Champions League Rundown

Things went from bad to worse for MLS sides in the CONCACAF Champions League on Tuesday evening, as Querétaro held D.C. United 1-1 at RFK Stadium to win that tie 3-1 on aggregate.

If you thought things were bad for D.C., though, it got much, much worse for LA Galaxy, which went down in flames against Santos Laguna, 4-0. The Galaxy Twitter account summed it up succinctly.

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Enjoy your Wednesday, Mane Landers, and start planning now for Monday's sick day.