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Orlando City's New Away Kit Leaked: Get Your First Look

The Internet wins again as Orlando City's away strip has been revealed. What do you think of the new road whites?

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The Internets have once again come through for us and provided the much-anticipated and debated answer to the question about the look for Orlando City's away strip for 2016. (Thanks to

Orlando City is due to officially debut the new away jersey on Tuesday at a special public training session at the Citrus Bowl. The open practice will include an autograph session for season ticket members.

This leaked image of the jersey will give you extra time to gather your pennies so you can purchase one when they go on sale.

Our staff had some hot jersey takes. Personally, I'm disappointed it's white. I was hoping they would reference back to our USL days and go with red. Here are opinions from some other members The Mane Land staff:

Michael Citro: "I think this is so close to a great jersey. I love the color scheme and the fact it's not all white. I love that we're losing the Adidas shoulder stripes. That fake collar, however, ruins the whole thing for me."

Rich Shock: "I like the new  jersey. Sleeve/body combo is reminiscent of older jerseys--late 90s Arsenal--but it's all dependent on the collar. A real collar would complete the jersey; the fake collar ruins it."

Gavin Ewbank: "Aside from the fake collar, I'm a fan of its snazzy look. Even if you don't like it, it's not like the club will be wearing them all that often."

Luis Hernandez: "Better than last year's boring all white. OCSC is known for purple, let's embrace it and take it on the road. I plan on buying one."

Sean Rollins: "Orlando City having sleeves with different colors are stupid. There are clubs that have done that for decades and that's fine but copying them is pathetic. For OCSC, it's a shtick and should stop forever."

Andrew Harrison: "Would have preferred a different color over white but I like the gold fringe on the sleeves, the purple polo collar and the side strips. A black away shirt would have looked so much crisper. White or red would/could have been a 3rd alternate."

Jeff Milby: "It's bad because it's not creative. It's the purple Arsenal."

Austin David: "I would have preferred something similar to last year's, but a variation of it. I hate the fake collar. If that didn't exist, it would be all right."

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