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Lion Links: 2/13/16

Former Lions reunite with current ones, Canada is confident heading into Rio, OCSC Kickoff Week details, the craziest ban story you'll hear today, and a programming reminder for today's match, all in today's Lion Links.

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Happy Saturday ladies and gents, it's game day! Granted, it's only a preseason friendly, but it's still Orlando City soccer and we can still be excited. What better way to start off the day than with some tasty Lion Links!

Lions Reunite In Jacksonville

For Armada players Miguel Gallardo and Brian Burke, today is a chance for the former Lions to face their old team. While the faces of Orlando City have changed in the last two years, there are still a few familiar faces with the Lions. Among them is Lions defender Luke Boden, who was training with Burke and Gallardo in the off-season. For Orlando fans, it will be great to see the former players, but not as great as it will be to see the Lions with a great win. We'll have more on today's game coming up later.

Josée Bélanger Confident Ahead of Rio Olympics

In a recent interview, Pride forward Josée Bélanger spoke about her confidence ahead of the Olympics in Rio. Now, the interview is in French so you won't get much out of it (unless you speak French, of course), but she did mention that she feels the mix of young talent and experience will be crucial for the team's success.  We also have some postgame comments from Bélanger for you, in English this time:

Orlando City Hosts Kickoff Week Events

Want to join in all the OCSC excitement? Orlando City has posted a guide to all of the Kickoff Week events for you here. With a pub crawl, a tailgate, and a 5k, Kickoff Week is sure to be exciting and incredibly entertaining. Mark your calendars now because the first match is almost here.

High School Player Banned For Amazing Reasons

Think you've got a cool story about how you got banned from something? This kid has you beat. The list includes some actual offenses, but it also has some great celebrations that, quite honestly, deserve an award. Don't believe me? Go check out the list for yourself and let us know which you think was the craziest in the comments below.

Orlando vs. Jacksonville Programming Reminder

Just as a friendly reminder to you all, the match today will not be live streamed via video, but the audio will be streamed online here. Make sure to spread the news so people don't miss out on the chance to listen to the game, especially because OCSC should be coming away with a nice (albeit meaningless) win.

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That's all for today folks, enjoy your day and Vamos Orlando!