Orlando City's Rumored Center Back Signing Is Trolling All of Us


After waiting all weekend to find out who Orlando City big marquee center back signing would be, we finally found out this morning through the reporting of Orlando Sentinel report Alicia Del Gallo. However, as Orlando City Twitter began to break down the signing, the man himself seemed to catch wind of the report and downplayed the entire situation through the tweet above, which reads, "I am not aware of this interest from MLS and the Orlando club. Good evening to all." Well played, Gregory! Unfortunately for you, though, Twitter was quick to give away your cover, revealing he was not only following every MLS club at the time, he was also following a large handful of Orlando City and Orlando Pride players, before unfollowing everyone except for Phil Rawlins and Kaká. #UnfollowGate (h/t Mark Kastner)? It's too early to tell. But this is surely one interesting situation we have unfolding in front of us.