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Meet the New Guy: Welcome Saul Garcia to the TML Staff

Hi. My name is Saul Garcia and I am the new writer for The Mane Land.

Soccer is a passion I have had all my life. It really started with my father taking me to his Sunday league games since I could walk. From there, the passion grew, I started playing when I was five, and for my first year I was a midfielder.

The day after I turned six, my coach said "Saul, we need a goalie," so i jumped at the chance at playing the whole game instead of just one half. Now, I have played goalie ever since, including playing for a travel team, which I never thought I would do. As part of that team, we won the Kelme Cup, a local soccer tournament which I have to say was one of my happiest memories playing soccer.

I have also seen some awesome games. Being Mexican-American, I remember the 2011 Gold Cup when Mexico won 4-2 with that goal from Gio Dos Santos, and being crushed at a family gathering where everybody but me and my brother were Mexico fans. The first soccer game I attended was a 2006 World Cup qualifier between Mexico and St. Kitts and Nevis that was played in Miami. I remember the full Orange Bowl and the shellacking Mexico gave, making it a very fun night.

Living in Ft. Myers, I became an Orlando City fan the day the club was announced for MLS. Before, I had heard of a team in Orlando but not much else. The hype for the new expansion team was real. Getting tickets for the game proved to be a little difficult. I did manage to get some and I was there for the first game with 60,000+ at the then-Citrus Bowl. From there, it was extremely rare for me to miss a game on TV. Orlando became the first local team I supported. I have been to two more games since, including one early last year when Orlando beat LA Galaxy handily, 4-0.

Currently, I am in school at Florida Gulf Coast University and i'm getting a degree in communications. I also write for Fansided's Everything Barca blog, covering all things FC Barcelona.

Now, I really am looking forward to working with The Mane Land crew and making coverage of the Orlando City teams the best on the interwebs!