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Orlando City's Performances Explained by Giphy

Let's laugh at our misery. Together.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Mane Landers. Here we are. Limping down the stretch like the rest of you, one eye on the train wreck in front of us and one eye on what could be ahead, all the while our hearts wondering where this season went wrong. We're here today to look back on what this season has produced to this point, but not in words. We've done enough of that, and frankly, I'm exhausted with coming up for synonyms for "hot garbage" that I can get past the editor.

Today, we let giphy do the talking. Let's stroll down memory lane.

Sunday, March 6 -- Real Salt Lake 2, Orlando City 2


Yes! Hope! Hope for a winner, for a contender!

Sunday, May 15 -- Orlando City 1, Sporting Kansas City 2


For real though. This was the sixth straight match without a win.

Wednesday, June 29 -- Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2, Orlando City 1


Sometimes when you try to take out the trash, you come to find that you are the trash. Some deep shit right there.

Friday, July 8 -- Orlando City 0, Houston Dynamo 0


Hopeless. Helpless. What's the difference, really?

Wednesday, Sept. 7 -- Orlando City 4, Montreal 1


Two consecutive wins, capped by a 4-1 thrashing of the Impact on the road provided hope. But that didn't last...

Saturday, Sept. 17 -- Orlando City 1, D.C. United 4


The bandwagon empties as it careens off the path and into the wild.

So how about it, Mane Landers? Sum up your most, ahem, "memorable" experience in a giphy in the comments.