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Adrian Heath, Hadji Barry Among Those to Meet with Media After Orlando City Practice

Head Coach Adrian Heath and a few new faces had some candid statements after the team's first preseason media availability of the 2016 season.

Brad Newton

Orlando City held its first open media availability of 2016, following preseason training today. Though media members weren't able to watch much of the on-field session, we were able to speak with Head Coach Adrian Heath and a few players after what seemed to be a spirited day on the training grounds.

In addition to Heath, newcomers Kevin Alston, Hadji Barry and Joe Bendik spoke to the assembled media. Alston and Bendik spoke highly about their view of Orlando City last season and both seem genuinely excited to be part of what the Lions are building in the City Beautiful. Meanwhile, Barry is excited that he will get to transition from the college game to the pros without leaving town. The UCF star still had to move off campus though, so it wasn't an uneventful off-season for him.

Hear what the three new players had to say and get Heath's take on the 2016 season ahead in the video below.