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Eight Twitter Accounts Orlando City Fans Should Follow in 2016

With a new season (and two new clubs) approaching, we've got eight Twitter accounts that Orlando fans need to follow in 2016. Trust us, you won't be disappointed...

Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

As two new teams begin play in the City Beautiful this season, there are plenty of Orlando players and coaches worth following on Twitter in 2016. Whether you've been supporting OCSC since the USL days, or are just starting to get hooked on the Lions, these guys and gals could help you grow your #brand next season.

8. Rafael Ramos (@rafaelramos_27)

Yeah, I'm jealous of Rafael Ramos.

Orlando City's right back has the kind of Twitter account most guys my age could only dream of. He's a pro athlete who's been old enough to drink for less than two weeks. And there's no way he's more than 6% body fat.

Oh, and you can't forget about Cheyenne. Ramos' fiancée can be found all over his Twitter account, proving once and for all that true love isn't dead.

Seriously though, Ramos is a must-follow because he seems just as thrilled as you and I would be if we played soccer for a living. If you're sick of athletes who promote sponsors or don't even write their own Tweets, you'll love Ramos.

This guy is genuine.

7. Stephanie Catley (@stephcatley)

She's played in the World Cup, appeared on the cover of FIFA 16, and now she's helping launch Orlando's first NWSL team.

Steph Catley has basically done it all, and she's done a great job documenting her journey.

It's going to be interesting to see what she does during her first season with the Pride, but don't forget that Catley will be headed to Rio in August for the Summer Olympics, something you'll definitely want to stay up to date on.

Oh, and she's got a thing for Steph Curry and Corgis if you're into that.

6. Luke Boden (@Bodz1988)

Luke Boden is an Orlando City lifer, having spent most of his professional career with the Lions. He's a guy who knows what's up when it comes to soccer in Central Florida, but he's also an expert at giving his teammates grief on social media.

I mean, this stuff is just savage.

5. Ashlyn Harris (@Ashlyn_Harris)

Once you win the World Cup, it's hard NOT to have an awesome Twitter account, and Ashlyn Harris is no exception. Orlando Pride's new goalkeeper has been prolific in documenting her experiences with the USWNT.

Whether on stage with Taylor Swift or courtside at a Lakers game, Harris has been living the American dream.

That's a White House selfie. Ashlyn Harris has a White House selfie.

4. Kaká (@KAKA)

He was the first athlete in history to reach 10 million Twitter followers and he's the face of Orlando City soccer. You're probably following him already, but in case you're not...

Here's Kaká harassing a sea turtle, something I always thought was illegal. But in all honesty, this guy posts everything.

If you're looking for inspirational quotes, Kaká's your man. Let's say you're in the mood for game photos or selfies with celebrities. Look no further. But my favorite Kaká tweet?

When you can post that on Twitter without fear, it's clear you've finally made it.

3. Alex Morgan (@alexmorgan13)

The First Lady of Orlando soccer has a strong social media presence. While she does post a lot of branded content, Morgan is quickly becoming the face of U.S. Soccer (men's or women's) and her Twitter account has grown accordingly.

But yeah, there's a lot of branded content.

Though as long as she's posting stuff like this, Morgan is worth a follow. She's only got 2 million of them.

2. Phil Rawlins (@OCPres)

How do you know when you've got one of the best owners in pro sports? When he's got Phil Rawlins-level Twitter game.

Here he is spitting some fire at Manchester United.

And keeping Cyle Larin up to date on MLS SuperDraft developments.

I had basically decided that Rawlins was the only account Orlando City fans needed to follow. And then I saw this...

And suddenly, everything came crashing down as a disturbing trend began to develop.

My God. Well, the No. 2 spot isn't bad. But hey, a Steelers fans would know all about that right?

1. Brek Shea (@BrekShea)

If you only follow one Twitter account this MLS season, make it Brek Shea.

Brek has an incredible ability to make even the most routine activities into Twitter gold. For example, a quiet evening at home becomes...

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Brek Shea is Twitter as it was meant to be.