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Football and Fútbol: Orlando City Shares the Spotlight with College Football for the First Time in 2015

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Orlando City will battle New England in an important match in the Eastern Conference playoff race on Saturday evening, and City supporters with college football allegiances will be trying to balance their viewing schedules accordingly.

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With the season having kicked off officially on Thursday night, college football is back in full swing this weekend, which means that Orlando City's Saturday evening match with the New England Revolution will be overlapping with season openers for some of the programs that City supporters share allegiances to.

The hometown team, UCF, opened its season on Thursday night, so the Knights fans among us have nothing to worry about in regards to tonight's schedule, although a loss to Florida International is definitely something to be worried about. Florida, Florida State, USF and Miami's games tonight, however, will all overlap with Orlando City's pivotal match against the Revs, so many of us will have competing rooting interests tonight for the first time this season.

The optimal way to view your favorite college football team and your beloved Lions at once would be to use multiple devices. Streaming one game on a tablet and watching the other on TV is a favorite approach of mine, and if you're lucky enough to have a dual television setup, then you have it made. For many of us though, the remote will need to be manned diligently throughout the night.

Your base channel for the evening will be FOX35 or Sun Sports, where Orlando City is scheduled for first kick at 7:30 p.m. From there, you can set up your alternate channel(s) based on your college football school of choice.

Miami has the earliest kick of the college football games, with the Canes' game against Bethune Cookman set for 6 p.m. on ESPN3. Likewise, USF will be on ESPN3 against Florida A&M an hour later at 7 p.m. Tablet, phone, laptop or Apple TV/Roku are your friends for these contests, as they're streaming only.

Florida is next on the schedule at 7:30, when the Gators will open against New Mexico State. You can find this one from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on the SEC Network. Lastly, Florida State will host Texas State in an 8 p.m. tilt on ESPNews.

The good news is that all of these in-state programs are opening their seasons with cupcake opponents, so the pressure to watch intently probably won't be too high. This will allow for more focus on OCSC, but your thumb will still probably get a decent workout on the last/prev button regardless, especially when other marquee CFB match-ups like Arizona State at Texas A&M, Notre Dame at Texas, and Wisconsin vs. Alabama will undoubtedly pique the curiosity of football hungry fans as well.

Balancing your viewing schedule between several games is nothing new to most of us, and with the right management there should be no problem supporting Orlando City in its quest for a crucial three points while also keeping an eye on the day's biggest college football games.

Good luck to all of your teams tonight, and watch wisely. Or, just hit a bar and watch all of the games at the same time. Either way, Go Lions.