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Lion Links: 9/30/15

Kaká visits the United Nations, a referee pulls a gun on the field, Warner banned from FIFA, and Ronaldinho terminates his contract. It's all here in your Wednesday links.

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What's up guys? It's another Wednesday full of solid linkage here at The Mane Land. We've got it all -- from FIFA barring a former executive, to soccer referees being bout dat life, to Kaká being, well, Kaká. Let's check out today's links.

Kaká be Kaká

One of the most influential and recognizable soccer players in the world took his influence to the next step when Kaká visited the United Nations last week to talk about -- and try to help solve -- world hunger.

People often criticize Kaká for his busy schedule and question his loyalty to the team, but there is a lot to be said for an athlete who uses his/her platform to take a stance and try to better the world. Orlando City's captain is a perfect example of an athlete who has taken full advantage of his stature and done some remarkable things with it.

FIFA Bars Warner

It is truly fascinating -- almost impressive -- how deep the FIFA corruption really ran within the organization and we saw that again yesterday when it banned former executive Jack Warner.

Warner was banned, without a hearing, by the organization for charges he has been indicted on that date back to 1991. It's also interesting to note that Warner left the organization in 2011. So it seems little more than a moot point for the organization to ban four years after leaving the organization. It seems like a desperate move to save face for FIFA that ultimately likely will not work.

Ref Pulls Gun on Field

You don't need glasses. You read that right. A Brazilian soccer ref pulled a gun on a player on the field and is now facing charges.

There is a lot to digest in this story. The ref was allegedly attacked before pulling his weapon, but it's a little concerning he was so prepared for an attack that he literally carried the gun on the field with him to ref. He is also a police officer, so it's even more concerning he was so quick to aim it another human being. Anyway, let us know what you think about Psycho Cop.

Ronaldinho Terminates Contract

In a move that should surprise literally no one on Earth, Brazilian Ronaldinho has agreed to terminate his contract with Fluminese, just three months after arriving.

As he has tended to be in recent years, Ronaldinho was not good in Fluminese and did not score any goals or have any assists. It feels like this was the Brazilian legend's 18th team since leaving Barcelona in 2008. It also feels like his career is coming to a Brett Favre-esque close with him overstaying his welcome in the game.

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There we have it folks. Enjoy your Wednesday.