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Lion Links: 9/18/15

Rochez is confident, OCSC stadium construction underway, FIFA exec to be extradited, and a look at defending set pieces in MLS all in today's Lion Links!

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday -- the coveted day that marks the end of a long, tumultuous work week, and the beginning of the legendary event known as a "weekend." The best part is, Orlando City plays tomorrow. The best way to start off this awesome Friday is with some even more awesome Lion Links. So without further ado...

Bryan Rochez Confident After First MLS Goal

Despite scoring in friendlies against Ponta Preta and West Bromwich Albion, it took Bryan Rochez until just last week to score his first MLS goal and he is confident that he will score more to show he is worthy of his Young DP title. I will be the first to admit that I have been skeptical of his YDP status as it correlates to production on the pitch, but after seeing him the last few games as an impact sub, Rochez may be just what Larin needs to light a fire for Orlando City. My only hope is that this spark can help fuel the ever fading playoff dream.

Orlando City Stadium Construction Underway

In preparation for an opening sometime next year, Orlando City has announced that construction is underway on the new stadium and, fingers crossed, it will be completed before next MLS season is over. For more details on the progress of the stadium, check out this article from Space Coast Daily as they give an in-depth update what's going on. Orlando fans are already looking forward to next season as it marks the return of Kevin Molino and the return of playoff hopes in the City Beautiful.

Switzerland Allows U.S. Extradition of FIFA Exec

Former FIFA Vice President Eugenio Figueredo, one of the many FIFA executives to be charged by the United States, will now be extradited to the U.S. under charges of bribery and falsely obtaining U.S. citizenship. Figueredo has 30 days to appeal but will most likely find his way stateside facing up to 20 years in prison.

FIFA also relieved its Secretary General Jérôme Valcke of his duties on Thursday, as the entire organization continues to burn down (except for teflon Sepp, of course). Valcke has been accused of profiteering on World Cup tickets.

MLS Insider: Life on the Wall

No, sadly, this isn't about the amazing supporters in Orlando "manning the wall" but is actually a really neat look at MLS defenders facing set piece specialists. With the risk of taking a 60+ mph ball to the face, or below the waist, the defenders are tasked with a hugely important and dangerous job. All I can say is, I do not want to be on that wall.

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That's it for today folks, enjoy your Friday!