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Orlando City's FIFA 16 Player Ratings Revealed

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With the newest installment of the popular soccer video game just around the corner, Orlando City's player ratings have been revealed.


FIFA 16 will be coming out in just under a week and most Orlando City fans cannot wait to see what their team will look like in this year's upcoming game.

Luckily for these City fans, all of these player ratings have been released early, thanks to Every single player has been released and will be on this year's Ultimate Team mode, all except for three players. For some reason Tommy Redding, Josh Ford and Sidney Rivera did not make it onto the Ultimate Team game mode this year. Hopefully the folks at EA Sports will remedy that soon. Now without further ado, here is a fancy graphic that I put together with all of Orlando City's players and ratings.

At this time last year, I was writing this exact article for FIFA 15 and talking about how Kevin Molino was one of the lowest rated players on the team. Luckily this has been fixed, as he is tied for the third highest rated player on the team.

Looking at the roster as a whole, everyone has gotten an upgrade in some aspect from last years game. The only gold player is still Kaká in the attacking midfield role. The rest of the starters as well as some of the bench players are now all upgraded to silver players (any player rated 65-74) Cyle LarinBrek SheaKevin MolinoCristian Higuita, Darwin Ceren, Luke Boden, David Mateos, Aurelien Collin, Rafael Ramos, Tally Hall, Seb Hines, Corey Ashe, Adrian Winter, Carlos Rivas and Pedro Ribeiro. That leaves the rest of the players on the roster bronze, meaning they are rated 64 and lower.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises is Collin being the 2nd best rated player on the team. While he has had some very good games in a Lions uniform, there have been a lot of goals scored on the back line, so having him at a 71 overall may be a bit high.

Cyle Larin debuts in FIFA at a 65, which many people may think is low, but I feel that's just about right for him at this time. The lowest rated player on the team is Harrison Heath, but his play early on before he got injured probably was better than his rating. The last player I'll make a comment on is Earl Edwards, who only got a 60 from the EA Sports folks, which is much lower than he deserves. Though he hasn't played in an MLS game, his performances in the games he's played in should have him much higher than that.

The rest of the roster looks pretty solid and is a much bigger improvement from last year's game. Now Orlando City will be fully integrated into FIFA 16 and I for one, cannot wait until Sept. 22.