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Orlando City Coach’s Show Recap: Lenny Santiago Talks Player Transactions, New Stadium Field, and Injuries

On this week’s coach’s show, Orlando City Vice President of Communications Lenny Santiago discussed player transactions, the new stadium’s field size, and players recovering from injuries.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night's Orlando City Coach's Show with Adrian Heath, the Lions boss was absent due to the team's game in Toronto Wednesday night. In his place, Vice President of Communication Lenny Santiago answered questions regarding...

Sean St. Ledger

"We announced that we placed Sean on waivers and the reason given was ‘a serious breach of club policy.' We are not going to get into the details behind what the breach was. We don't think it's proper to do so. But suffice to say it was a serious breach of club policy and he's no longer with the club."

Martin Paterson

"Martin's been dealing with some personal business. The club's given Martin a few days off. He's traveled back home to deal with some personal business. More information to come there but he's just been dealing with some personal stuff. We don't want to get into details on anything related to player's personal business so more to come there."


"These things can take a different direction every day. Sometimes many directions in a day. Until an agreement is reached and paperwork is signed nothing is really finalized."

David Mateos & Adrian Winter

"Those guys are working through the visa process. We hope to have Adrian joining us here in the next several days and Mateos hopefully within the next 10 days."

New Stadium Field

"The dimensions of the field never changed from the initial design. It was always a 120 x 75 field and that will not change."

Brek Shea

"Brek went through a sports hernia surgery just a few weeks ago so he's going through the rehabilitation and recuperation process. More to come there but he's continuing to progress well."

Carlos Rivas

"He's nursing a minor little injury. He'll hopefully be joining us Thursday."