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Pride Pub: Orlando City SC at New England Revolution

Welcome back to Pride Pub, where we maximize your tailgating experience for Orlando City matches. This week, we're getting you ready for the match against the New England Revolution with some fantastic grub and grog. Whether you're at a watch party or hosting at home, you'll be ready!

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We at Pride Pub welcome you back! Just a reminder on how this works: we choose a craft beer from the state/city/area of our opponent and include a delicious recipe to pair with that beer. Of course, we also choose a Florida craft beer to represent our Orlando City Lions and the beautiful Sunshine State.

This week we head north (don't we always?) to take on the New England Revolution. Many of you may have guessed that given the "Revolution"-ary nomenclature of our opponent that we could only choose one brewer to feature. So without further ado....

From New England: Samuel Adams Octoberfest, Boston Brewing Co. (Samuel Adams)

According to the Brewery:

"In 1810, the Oktoberfest tradition was born when Munich celebrated the Crown Prince’s wedding with a special beer and 16 day party. Our version of this classic style blends hearty malts for a deep, smooth flavor with notes of caramel creating a brew that’s perfect for the season, or whatever you’re celebrating."

Pair with: Grilled pork chops are an excellent choice for Octoberfest (Märzen style) beers. The sweet flavor of the pork ties in with the toasted, caramel flavor of the beer.

Dave’s recommendations: Roasted vegetables provide an excellent companion to both the beer and the Pork Chops.

From Florida: Rollin Dirty Irish-Style Red Ale, Brew Bus Brewing

According to the Brewery:

"An Irish-style red ale, deep amber in color with a forward caramel flavor and hints of chocolate. English hops lend an herbal bitterness for balance."

For a bit more detail, we'll check in with our friends at Beer Advocate

"Rollin Dirty Red Ale, our Irish-style Ale possesses a deep amber color. It displays a forward caramel aroma with hints of chocolate and roasted nuts. English hop varietals lend a floral to herbal bitterness which helps to round the caramel sweetness and lend some crispness to this year round ale."

Pair with: Zesty Slow-cooker chicken BBQ. Let's face it, 'slow-cooker' is reason enough. The main reason, though, is that the BBQ flavor will compliment the Ale, given the slight sweetness in both.

Dave’s recommendations: Grilled corn on the cob, because it's still summer, and we want to take advantage of corn on the cob while we can!

Thanks for patronizing Pride Pub. As always, Go City, beat New England! See you next week!