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Orlando City Coach's Show Recap: Keith Buckley Talks Toronto, MLS Referees and More

On this week's Orlando City Coach's Show, Rollins College men's soccer coach Keith Buckley took over the main chair for Adrian Heath to discuss the Lions loss to Toronto FC, MLS referees, and took calls from listeners.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This week's Orlando City Coach's Show was the first one during an Orlando City game, as the team was facing Louisville City FC. Rollins College men's soccer coach Dr. Keith Buckley, a regular on the program, was the focus of this week's show.

Orlando City vs. Toronto FC

"The game would've remained cagey and would've remained close (had Ramos not been sent off)."

"If we came away with a 0-0 or 1-1, I think Adrian would've been very happy."

Rafael Ramos' Red Card

"It was not a red card."

"Until MLS gets consistency we'll always be talking about this issue."

"If that's a red card against Ramos, it should be a red card against everyone else in MLS."

Red Cards This Season

"We've made some poor decisions."

"We've been hit as an expansion team."

MLS Referees

"Referees have to learn how to referee the superstars. It seems that certain players get better decisions than others."

"Just bring in professional referees and they will add a lot of experience to the referee pool that we have right now."

Going Forward

"The good thing is the games come quick and fast."

Kaká's Struggles

"When he looks around him, does he have the help? Maybe. Maybe not."

"I think if you see Orlando City pick up another top forward, you might see Kaká change his position a little bit and they may change their system a little bit."

"Kaká is still the main player for Orlando City but you have to put the players around him to help."

Depth Problems

"Expansion teams always lack depth. Always. And New York City are going through this right now. So you take out Molino. You take out Brek Shea. Two very, very big-time players. And the club has a policy for putting youth players in and young players in, which is to be commended, it puts you in a very precarious position."

"You put Brek Shea and Kaká and Molino. You put Ceren and Higuita, who are as good central defensive midfielders as you're going to find in the league and are developing. You've got Cyle Larin, who will be a very good striker but needs a bit of help. In the back, you have Ramos, who's going to be a very good fullback. And you've got an excellent goalkeeper in Tally Hall. We need two center  backs and a left back and you're a very good team. But take out Shea and Molino, you become very average."

MLS Surprises

"Having not followed MLS as I should have, just the wear and tear of the travel, the games coming so quick and fast, the pressure on the players and coaches is more than I thought."

"I've been shocked at how the city has embraced the team."

Home Games vs. Away Games

"For the games at home, Orlando City have had the possession and looked in the ascendancy and games they've lost have been seen as points lost. When you're away, you change your construct and you change your strategy."