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The Orlando City Social Media Guide: Which Lions to Follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Many of the Orlando City players are quite active on social media. We break down a guide of who to follow on various social media platforms.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For many people in this day and age, social media is the way to communicate and share your life with the world. Orlando City players, just like any other people, are quite active on many different social media platforms. Since it's been a tough week and I really didn't want to talk about the team's form as of late, I figured I would break down some of the players who are most active on social media and let you know who may be worth a follow.

For each player, I'll find a word or two that best summarizes what they post about on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Rafael Ramos: Bae

Rafa is one of many young guys on the team, but the reason I started with him is because what he usually posts across social media is pretty much constant. Almost every picture that you see on his Twitter timeline is of him with his fiance, Cheyenne. It's either a tweet with the two together or it's a re-tweet of her pictures.

It's understandable for Ramos to want to show his affection for his girl, but it's a bit too much for my taste. But, if you're one of those people who doesn't mind seeing all the love and affection, give him a follow on twitter at @rafaelramos_27.

Brek Shea: Art & Outdoors

One of the better known names on the team, Brek is a bit different when it comes to being a professional athlete. He's probably one of the most chill and laid back guys on the team, and his Twitter feed shows it. Lots of outdoorsy pictures, mostly of him fishing, mixed in with different posts about games, practices, fun with teammates and most recently, injury rehab.

His Instagram is similar, but it houses the other side of Brek Shea: the artist. His Left Foot Studio art appears sporadically through his posts and a lot of his work is actually really good. If you haven't already, give him a follow on twitter at @BrekShea.

Luke Boden & Lewis Neal: #Bantz

As two friends, whose relationship borders on the extreme, Bodz and Lou have always had some good back and forth between them on social media. Even back in 2011 when the two were on Orlando City's first team, they've always had some good banter that makes you laugh.

Recently, they've begun to involve teammate Harrison Heath in their banter game at times and it gets pretty interesting. Both of them are dads now as well, so expect lots of kid pics, especially from Bodz and his newborn son. Give them all a follow @Bodz1988@lewis_neal24 and @harrisonheathy1.

Kaká: Everything

Instead of asking about what the Lions captain posts about, it's better to ask what doesn't he post about. Everything from selfies with puppies to videos before games on the field.

There's also all of the famous people he meets and does famous people things with. That's not even to mention all of the charity related things he is a part of that occasionally take over his feed. Honestly, if you haven't followed Kaká yet, i'm not sure what you're doing with your life. Still, follow him at @kaka on any social media platform.

Which Lions do you like to follow? Let us know in the comments section.