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Tactical Analysis: Breaking Down Orlando City's Goalkeeping

Tally Hall has given up 13 goals in the last four games but was he to blame for Adrian Winter's second yellow? A look at Hall's positioning and Saturday's penalty.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Tactical Analysis pieces are analysis about fundamentals and strategies of Orlando City and the beautiful game. Any feedback, comments, or questions? Find Brent Petkus on twitter @bpetkus

It's About the Fundamentals

In a prior piece I talked about how it is nice that Orlando City has a fundamentally sound goalkeeper in Tally Hall. Time after time, Hall has been up to the challenge making timely saves and keeping Orlando relevant this year. No one is questioning his play, even after the team has conceded 13 goals in the last four games.

Hall's positioning has been spot on most of the time he is able to catch or deflect balls. His footwork is impressive as well. As a former Division 1 goalkeeper and nationally licensed coach, I like to watch a keeper's footwork when warming up. Hall does a great job setting his feet for a save.

Many keepers like to make a stutter step right before a shot is taken. The problem with this is you lose a split second to react to the shot because you have to push off the foot to dive. This split second is everything at the next level because it can be the difference between a goal or save. Take a look at how he sets his feet and how great his positioning is on this save versus Jonathan Osorio.

What was Hall thinking on the Adrian Winter Yellow Card?

Many of my friends and colleagues have asked me what was Tally Hall doing on the play that caused Winter to earn his second yellow card. Let's start with the positioning, which is tough to see in the video. I am going to give Hall the benefit of the doubt that he was in a good starting position, as he usually is off his line in most situations. Does he make a bad decision? Yes. He probably needs to stick to his penalty area, but if you watch the ball flight, it almost looks like it checks up as the ball gets towards the strikers foot.

The next question that has been offered up was whether Hall's play forced Winter to get his second yellow. I completely disagree with this thought process. The team is down a player and three goals on the road, the defender needs to just track back and defend and get out of Toronto. Instead, Winter steps in and makes a clumsy challenge, gets his second yellow and is gone for the match against Chicago.

Sometimes, when the game is out of hand, you just need to sit back in a shell and get out with no injuries and cards. I think you can put the blame on Hall for that goal and for putting Winter in a no-win situation, and I think he will say the same thing. Winter should also know the situation better, but for a player playing out of position and trying to prove himself to the club and manager, I can't fault him for going all-out and not giving up. I would like to see better game management at that point in the match.

I think it's safe to say that Tally Hall's play is being overlooked around the league. The results are not showing how valuable he is for this team. His play and leadership will be extremely important for Orlando's success and in the future with young goalkeeper Earl Edwards Jr.'s development. Edwards Jr. has an excellent goalkeeper in Tally Hall, from which to learn the ropes of being a professional goalkeeper, and, although there have been transfer rumors about the position, I don't see it changing in the near future.