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Orlando City vs Toronto FC: Player Grades and Man of the Match

The game was ruined early and it might be an impossible task to give good, accurate performance ratings when that happens, but here's our best shot at it.

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It's like a broken record for Orlando City.  Down a man after 35 minutes, again, the team looked competitive until the second half began. Then it all went to hell in a handbasket, eventually ending up with a 5-0 defeat to Toronto.

Here's our player grades and our Man of the Match from another forgettable game:


G, Tally Hall, 4.5 (MOTM)-- Did what he could to stop the onslaught, but with the team being down a man (and later, two), there wasn't too much he could do. Big save in the 49th minute shutting down Jonathan Osorio. Tried to cut off Robbie Findley outside of the box, but was dribbled around and eventually Findley earned a penalty.

D, Rafael Ramos, 3.0 -- What a welcome back for Ramos. Had a great first 35 minutes after missing the last few games, but was sent off after a challenge on Anthony Morrow. Now the obvious debate is whether it was a straight red or not. It's tough to say 100% for sure, but Ramos should not have even been going into that challenge in the first place. He made it the referee's decision to pull the red and Orlando was forced to play down a man for the rest of the match.

D, David Mateos, 3.5 -- I gave him the benefit of the doubt last week, since it was his first game. But this one, Mateos doesn't have that luxury. Seemed slow on most plays and out of position on others, having to make sliding challenges to make up for it. His only good moment was the stop on Giovinco's shot he had in the 59th minute. Too slow on the third goal for Morrow, which he had a chance of getting to. Still, he played the best out of the back line, which isn't saying too much.

D, Aurelien Collin, 3.0 -- Can't let up five goals on the road. The whole back line was thrown into turmoil after Ramos was sent off, but for Collin, it was a terrible game. Tried to hold down Michael Bradley on the counter attack leading to the first goal, but went to ground trying to dispossess the ball, allowing Bradley to get the pass off to Delgado for the score. The whole back line seemed to not be on the same page, and with Collin being the veteran back there, a lot of blame needs to fall on his shoulders.

D, Luke Boden, 3.0 -- Bodz tried to do anything he could on the left side, but like last week, seemed a step too slow to get anything positive going. Accidentally cleared a ball in the 18th minute to Marky Delgado which luckily led to a goal kick. Great individual effort taking on four TFC players in the 32nd minute. Caught ball watching on Altidore's second goal, later in the game.

MF, Cristian Higuita, 4.0 -- Solid performance in the absence of Darwin Ceren. Played physical, kept his composure for the most part and did his best to keep Orlando in the game. Lost that said composure in the 76th minute after he felt that he got fouled and had an animated chat with the ref. Earned a yellow in the 84th minute for a foul on Altidore, leading to his second goal.

MF, Servando Carrasco, 3.0 -- Had a moment or two where he tried to play some long balls downfield, but other than that, didn't play very well. Received a yellow card in the 30th minute.

MF, Lewis Neal, 3.0 -- Somewhat of an invisible performance for Neal. Didn't do anything horrendously bad, but also hardly benefited the Lions. Almost had his first goal of the year, but was deflected in the 61st minute off of a nice Kaká cross. Subbed out for Rochez in the 71st minute.

MF, Kaká, 4.0 -- Just like the last two games he's played, Kaká hasn't been much of a factor in terms of offense. Of course he was forced to play more defense in the second half, but for the first half, he needed to do more. Had a bad touch on a good counter attack in 43rd minute, after Larin tried to lead him into the box. Showed signs of life in the 61st minute, making a great run down the left side. Subbed out in the 84th minute in order to bring in Ashe for more defense.

MF, Adrian Winter, 2.5 -- A terrible day at the office for Winter. Looked to have opportunities in the first half, but all of them went by the wayside. Horrible turnover to start the counter attack for TFC, leading to their first goal. Earned a yellow in the 54th minute for a tackle on Giovinco, leading to his free kick goal. Then to top it all off, earned a second yellow and conceded a penalty. Would have given him a lower score but he was forced to play the second half in a position he doesn't usually play. Kind of have to understand that. Still, not a good game for Winter.

F, Cyle Larin, 3.0 -- Could hardly get anything going on the attack, even less so after the team was down a man. Had a great counter in the 14th minute which unfortunately led to a turnover as well as a counter in the 43rd minute, ending in the same result.  Used his strength to body players off the ball, when he got the chance, but there weren't too many of them. Turned the ball over in the 54th minute which gave Giovinco the ball, who earned the foul and Toronto's second goal. Had a good chance in the 63rd minute, but took a bad touch in the box and was subsequently subbed out for Rivas.


F, Carlos Rivas (63'), 4.0 -- Best shot of the day in the 78th minute off a free kick, one of the only shots challenging goal for Orlando. Tried to use his speed to get behind the defense, but wasn't able to get a decent run going.

F, Bryan Rochez (71'), 3.0 -- Tried to get something going offensively, but the game was too far gone to do anything about it.

D, Corey Ashe (84'), N/A -- Played solid defense for the six minutes he was in.

Can't say too much about this game. Disappointing for the second straight week. Shut out for the second straight week. Reduced to 10 men early on for the second straight week. Not a good run of games for Orlando City.

As always, let us know who you think was the Man of the Match in our poll below.