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Orlando City Oyo Toy Rankings: Which Lion Is Represented the Most Accurately?

In the most important piece you will read today, we take a look at the Orlando City Oyo Sports figures and decide which Lions look the most realistic.

Luke Boden's Twitter

With Orlando City currently on a 1-6-2 run in competitive matches since the start of July, it seems like a good time to avert our eyes from what's happening on the pitch and, for a moment, address more pressing matters: toys. Oyo Sports released several Orlando City Oyo toys, with Tally HallKaká, Brek Shea, Luke Boden, Kevin Molino and Aurélien Collin all having their own figures.

These toys can be yours for $12.99, but before you buy, we must decide which players have the most accurate toy representations. The following rankings, which don't include the "Mystery Fan," are ordered from most to least resemblance.

1. Aurélien Collin

The French central defender tops our rankings, but mostly by default. The bald white guy is the simplest of toy templates, so it's pretty tough to mess up. Collin has the least glamorous hair of any of our figurines, so Oyo really just had to slap a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth on to complete Aurélien. Striking resemblance, nonetheless.

2. Tally Hall

Tally represents some of Oyo's finest work, as they accurately portray Hall's hair that is most likely styled with Axe "Whatever Messy Look" gel. The scruff is spot on, as Tally seems to fluctuate between the Bret Favre three-day beard and the full-on beard that we see from our next figure.

3. Luke Boden

Boden represents another solid portrayal from Oyo Sports. Oyo simply took the Luke Boden starter kit that it gave Hall and filled in the beard, but it works pretty well. The left back does have similarly styled hair to his goalkeeping counterpart, and he is a proponent of the beard life on the back line. What does the real Bodz think?

4. Kaká

Oyo may have given Ricky a bit more of a tan than he has in real life, but overall this is not bad. Kaká's plastic hair doesn't bounce as elegantly as his real hair does on the pitch, but his 'Bama Bangs' are accurately depicted, as is his trademark five o'clock shadow. A figurine worthy of a captain's armband. Oh, and he's also available in his All-Star kit!

5. Brek Shea

The obvious lack of spiritual tattoos stands out, but I guess we can't realistically expect Oyo to replicate that kind of body art for just $12.99 anyway. The hair helmet is the same as we see on Kaká's figure, but Shea's golden locks are too versatile to be locked in to the frat swoop like his Brazilian teammate's. If we couldn't get a more adventurous hair style for Brek, a Left Foot Studio bucket hat would have been optimal.

6. Kevin Molino

As if 2015 had not been rough enough for Kevin Molino, Oyo turned in its least accurate portrayal for OCSC's injured Trinidadian winger. A faux hawk look would have done better at the very least, or we could have just called this a Corey Ashe figurine and it would have been a closer resemblance.

Let us know your thoughts on the rankings, Mane Landers.