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Orlando City Coach's Show Recap: Adrian Heath Talks Seattle, Looks Forward to Toronto

On this week's coach's show, the Lions' head coach discussed Sunday's loss to Seattle and looks forward to Saturday's rematch with Toronto FC.

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On this week's Orlando City Coach's Show with Adrian Heath, the Lions' boss discussed Sunday's loss to the Seattle Sounders, looked forward to Saturday's clash with Toronto FC, and discussed other topics surrounding Orlando City SC.

Seattle Game

"Very, very poor. We've had a lot of good days this year. Sunday was probably the lowest for me."

"We lost in probably the worst manner in which you can lose. We didn't do enough to defend our name and colors."

"I think it was the most disappointing game of the season."

"I think the performance was unacceptable for several reasons."

Tyler Turner Cautions

"It's a foolish one (the first yellow). The guy's running toward the touchline trying to keep it in play. He's got his back to the goal and he's running as quick as he can to try to keep it in. No reason to foul. These are some of the silly things we've done of late that have cost us dearly. The second one, we don't need to be rushing to take the quick free kick and then he's got to react quicker. It is disappointing and he's a young guy and he's going to have to learn his lesson."

Most Disappointing

"There's ways to win and ways to lose and we lost in the worst possible manner."

"People can accuse us of not trying and that's one of the worst things you can label on a professional footballer."


"For me is having possession with the purpose of doing something with it."

"Possession is having the ball in the opponent's half, moving the ball quickly, side to side, eventually getting the opening to get either a ball between the center backs or crosses in the box."

Team Changes

"I'd like to win a game 2-0 and play the same team the next weekend."

"I think we've had the same team twice all season. That doesn't help with consistency."

Going Forward After Loss

"This team is capable of winning two or three games back to back. And if we do, we can make the playoffs."

"We have to believe that the next game is the game that's going to turn for us. We've had our bad run."

"I've not given up hope. I don't think the players have."

Pedro Ribeiro Not Starting

"Right now I'll play Cyle Larin ahead of him because I think he's more likely to get us a goal at this moment."

Feeling Towards Fans

"I have more affinity here than I probably have anywhere else. And I don't want to let them down."

Potential Changing to Offensive Shape

"We'd have to score a lot to outscore teams at the moment."

"We've thought about changing the shape a couple of times but every time we think about changing the shape, somebody else goes down injured or we get another suspension."

"It's something that we're looking to address. Whether it's changing the personnel or changing the shape that we play."

Brek Shea

"He was on the grass this morning. He was running around. He was pain free which is more important. He's over his operation and I'm hoping that by the time we -- Chicago might be a bit early for him but the game after there's certainly a good possibility we could get him back down the stretch."

Rafael Ramos

"Ramos will be back. Ramos will play at the weekend. That will be a big boost for us."

Dream Signing

"I think Lionel Messi would do well for us."

"I still think Chicharito would be a great signing for our league."

Harrison Heath

"He should be back to full training in another week to 10 days."

Reaction to Giovinco Tweet

"Certainly the Giovinco tweet will be addressed and probably be put on the dressing room wall this week."

Defending Giovinco

"Get a lot of bodies around him. He works in certain areas. He likes to pull in our defensive right corner when he comes in on his right foot. He likes to work in that area. It's something we've spoken about -- can we get more bodies on that side of the field?"

Taking Something from Last Trip to Toronto

"You look at the tape of the last game and see if there are going to be similarities. If you look at all of Giovinco's work you see it's in that right back position. He likes to work in between the center back and fullback position in that area. He likes to come in on his right foot and he's very difficult to work with in that area."

Importance of Kaká Playing Well

"Great players come into form when their team needs them."

"If there was a game where we needed a stellar performance from him, it would probably be this weekend."