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Lion Links: 8/15/15

Orlando helps MLS economics, traveling supporters guide, Winter and Mateos are vital, and Parma forced to sell trophies all in todays Lion Links.

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Ah, the fresh smell of a Saturday morning. Lawns are being mowed, weeds are being pulled, and most importantly, the Lions are preparing to exert their dominance over Seattle tomorrow evening. What a day, let's get it started with some Lion Links.

Orlando City Provides MLS Economic Balance

In a recent Forbes article, Orlando City has been mentioned as a major factor in bringing economic balance to MLS. Orlando, alongside fellow newcomers NYCFC, has been a top team in terms of performance and attendance. While MLS had previously been dominated by Western Conference teams, the East is showing that they belong with their two new teams.

OCSC Traveling Supporters Guide

Orlando City has put out a guide to all traveling supporters to Seattle this week in an effort to help fans making the trip know where the best places are to go. The piece mentions several must-see sites in the city as well as some information on the actual venue for the game. If you know someone who traveled out to the game, make sure they take a look at this wonderful piece for some great tips for spending the day, or days, in Seattle.

Winter and Mateos Expected To Play Vital Role

In a recent piece, new Orlando City signings Adrian Winter and David Mateos have been referred to as vital pieces in the end of the season playoff push for the Lions. While the Orlando faithful have already warmed quickly to the newcomer Winter, we have yet to see Mateos take the field, but Lord knows we need another experienced center back.

Italian Side Parma Forced To Sell Trophies

Recently bankrupt club Parma is now being forced to sell off its championship trophies in order to raise money. It is always sad to see a club so financially mismanaged but Parma takes that to a whole new level. On top of the trophies for sale, they are also selling a 40" TV for what I can assume is a great deal. If you fancy yourself a trophy collector for irrelevant teams, I recommend you head to Parma and drop some cash on a trophy less valuable than...well...a lot of things.

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Well, that's it for today. Hope you have a great day and Go Lions!