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Orlando Coach's Show Recap: Adrian Heath Talks Philadelphia, Looks Forward to Seattle

On this week's coach's show, Lions Head Coach Adrian Heath discussed Saturday's draw with Philadelphia and looks ahead to Sunday's match against the Seattle Sounders. And former OCSC defender Rob Valentino called in after being named a USL assistant coach for 2016.

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Thoughts on Saturday's Game

"I thought for an hour we were the better team."

"I just think the games we've had with the same players over the last four or five weeks caught up with us."

"At one stage with about 10 minutes to go I actually thought we were going to lose the game."

Expectations of the Squad

"I always anticipate three points."

"I said the group needs some help. It was mainly to say that we need some fresh legs and that we need some bodies to help the guys who week-in, week-out are playing every minute."

Conor Donovan

"He's going to be out for anything between eight and ten months."

"He's got his ACL and he's got a little bit of damage elsewhere as well."

Corey Ashe at Right Back

"We were just looking to get experience on the field."

Adrian Winter

"We need somebody who can beat somebody one-on-one running with the ball. We feel he'll give us that. That's what he's done most of his career."

Rob Valentino Joins by Phone

On Joining Orlando City Coaching Staff

"Ever since I left Orlando not a day goes by where I don't think of everything there."

"I'm really excited about the chance to get to work with the USL team, getting back to Orlando, and getting myself involved in the community again."


"From my understanding of what we're trying to build there is more of player development. Just turning young kids into good pros."

"We want to make sure kids are ready to make that jump. Not just on the physical level but also on the emotional level. That mentality that I'm here to win and I want to keep my job and fight for my job."

Transitioning from Player to Coach

"I have a lot to learn and in my opinion I have the best coaching staff in the country to learn from."

"I've had conversations with Ant (Anthony Pulis) on how difficult that (transition) is to make."

Rob Valentino Leaves

Bringing Former Players Back

"We try to bring good people into the club and people we know who like the ethos that we're trying to do. Good people in the community. People who want to try to help the club on and off the field. I said I thought Rob would be back at some stage. I think that Miguel (Gallardo) will be back at some stage."

"The day I had to tell guys like Rob and Miguel that they weren't coming with us to MLS was the toughest day of my life. Because they helped build what we have in this moment in time. Everything we have as a football club, they spent four years, not just on the field, three or four nights a week out in the community building the brand of the football club."

Other Players Plans

"Jamie (Watson) wants to go into media when he's finished."

Brek Shea

"He's certainly getting better. I'm seeing more frequently in the building doing some work so that's nice. The next week to 10 days are very important for him. I'm hoping the next three or four games we'll see Brek on the field."

Using Hybrid Grass

"Using any sort of natural grass is better than turf."

Preparing for Hostile Environment

"The crowd won't be an issue. We're used to playing in front of a lot of noise. I'm more concerned with our players than their crowd."

Who Has Defied Expectations?

"We've probably got more out of Cyle Larin than we thought we were going to get considering it's his first year. He's only had a year of college. People forget that as well. Before that he was playing schoolboy football. I think Rafael Ramos has had an exceptional year. I wouldn't trade Rafa for anybody in the league. He's got things to work on, we know that, but he's got so much upside."

Red Cards

"We haven't much luck with those. And even the ones that get given or rescinded after don't do us any good because the game's gone."

Seattle Roster Changes

"As we sit here now, we don't know what the (Seattle's) team will be. We were looking at it today and I went on their website and there's pictures from training. (Clint) Dempsey was training today. Obafemi Martins was training. They've just signed Nelson Valdez. They've maybe signed (Roman) Torres, he's having his medical today. They could have as many as six changes from the team that played in LA on Sunday. So we don't know what's going to come."

Seattle's Form

"We've watched their last three or four games. They're not playing particularly well. Sigi (Schmid) says that after every game. It's going to be a strange game because the game is so important for both teams for different reasons. It'll be interesting to see what team they put out."

Preparing for Seattle

"When we're going through the opposition and we're trying to give the players as much information as possible. This will be a case of it might be this or it could be this one. The good thing is they normally play 4-4-2. So the people in the positions might change but the shape of the team might not. We don't think."


"Fortunately we've got a charter plane now so we'll be on our own time. We can get there whenever we want and can come back straight away after the game. Which is a huge help. The problem is the three hour time difference. You're sitting there and it's one o'clock in the morning but you feel as though it's only nine o'clock."