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What Should Orlando City Name the New Stadium?

We came up with a list of naming options for Orlando City's new downtown soccer stadium after the club revealed the redesigned plans for the 25,500-seater on Friday.

Friday afternoon, team owners Flavio Augusto da Silva and Phil Rawlins announced the plans for the new redesigned 25,500-seat Orlando City SC stadium in downtown Orlando.

After the press conference, da Silva said the team had already had some possibilities for partners in sponsorship and naming rights for the stadium.

"Soon we are going to announce our partner in the naming rights," he said.

So that got us thinking about what the new stadium might be called. Shortly after the original stadium renderings were released, there was a potential sponsor leaked on the front entrance that read "Total Stadium."

Let's just assume that's not the name of the stadium (and for the record, there are no hints at what the stadium could be called on the new renderings), because that is not a good name.

Here are what I feel are some better naming options (with possible sponsors), rooted completely in speculation.

The Home Depot Lion's Den - Generic, yes, but effective, Home Depot helps build homes, and dens are homes for lions, which would explain the choice of sponsor here. There is almost a 100 percent chance something inside the stadium is called the Lion's Den. It's low-hanging fruit. But so is this column.

The Disney World Soccer Safari - A partnership with Disney could go a long way toward solving the problem of the new stadium having 6,000 fewer seats than the average attendance this season. They could even pull from Disney's "fan experience." Pay $85 for tickets, wait in line for two hours, see the game for three minutes and leave so the next group can file through. Sounds fun to me.

The Wildlife Conservation Society Cecil the Lion Memorial Park - Recently the world lost a famous lion to a prick dentist from Minnesota. Granted, until Cecil the Lion was killed, I don't think anyone in America had heard of the "famous lion." But it's still a sad story. A park in memory of Cecil the Lion could score some major PR points.

ROARlando City Stadium - Everyone loves a good pun. This is no different. It's simple and to the point, but it would still be memorable for fans in the league to say they're going to ROARlando City Stadium.

Food Lion Park - The Food Lion chain is struggling big time. What's better for business than to sponsor one of the best stadiums in America? Maybe the grocery chain could even get rid of its stupid lion mascot and replace it using Orlando City's on their store fronts as well. It would be a win-win for both of them.

Flavio Augusto da Silva Stadium - I mean... He's the owner. He's putting the majority of the money into this project presumably. And hey, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a soccer stadium named after him in Austria, so this could happen. Maybe even should happen.

Mane Land Park - I personally am willing to give up my yearly salary at The Mane Land to make this happen. It's a good pun and it could be a great partnership.

The Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Grrrrrrrowling Grounds - Corny. But who wouldn't want to chant "Orlando City SC... They're grrrrrrreat" after every goal? Short answer: Everyone would want to chant that.

Roarsville Park by Universal Studios - If Disney won't sponsor soccer, Universal Studios should. They're the ones with the safari in the park. It makes perfect sense. Flavio are you listening to me? These are some great ideas.

We're Not Using Your Tax Dollars Field - The fact that this field is privately-funded is perhaps the best part of the project. It means the general public isn't getting tax dollars taken away from them to help pay for it. That alone is something to celebrate.

As good as these ideas are (on a scale from 1-10, they're probably a two), there is likely no chance of them happening.

Some more likely options

You may remember two years ago, when Orlando City started the project of getting a new stadium the club reserved eight domain names for the stadium's website. They were:

There's a reasonable chance that the club is still considering one of these eight names for the stadium. At the very least, besides these names and the leaked "Total Stadium" picture, it's the only glimpse of possible stadium names that ownership has given to date. If I was a betting man, I'd bet one of these eight names above would be the name ownership decides on.

What the crowd is suggesting

Here's a few name ideas I've seen tossed around on Twitter and in other forums.

The Savanna - I like this. Needs the right sponsor, but I like it.

The Toy Box - Because "all (Orlando City) does is play with the other team." This is rather awful. I asked this person to never give me his opinion again.

Lion's Reserve - This is decent, but I think there are better names out there.

The Sanctuary - Not sure I get how this name relates to Orlando City or Lions. But it's better than The Toy Box I guess.

Pride Fortress - Lions travel in prides, and fortresses are homes so I get it. But I don't like it.

What stadium name do you guys like? Got any good puns? Drop a comment below.