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Lion Links: 7/7/15

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Kaká gets nominated for Goal of the Week (and possibly something else), Seb Hines makes MLS Team of the Week, USWNT gets its third star, Sports Illustrated breaks down the first four U.S. goals, and Brazil will be playing the USMNT in September. All that and more in today's Lion Links.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that time the United States Women's National Team dominated Japan to win its third World Cup? I do. It was awesome, and I've re-watched the game three times since then. Because I have no life. Tuesdays are terrible, but at least we have that World Cup championship to look back on.

Speaking of that, you've got a pretty sweet breakdown of all the USWNT's goals in the World Cup Final and their new star being added, along with Orlando City's Seb Hines making the MLS Team of the Week, Kaká nominated for Goal of the Week and the U.S. and Brazil announce a date for a friendly match between the clubs in today's Lion Links. Enjoy.

Kaká's Goal Nominated

Shockingly, Kaká is not up for BS Red Card of the Week, but his clinical finish in the upper right corner against Real Salt Lake is nominated for Goal of the Week. It was a nice finish by the Brazilian, but it was the passing in the set up that likely got the goal a nomination.

But if you would like to, I made a poll for you to vote for BS Red Card of the Week.

Hines Named to MLS Team of the Week

Seb Hines' efforts to help Orlando City keep Real Salt Lake off the board down a man, after what is likely the BS Red Card of the Week, got him named to MLS team of the week. Tally Hall was named to the bench after a good performance in the match against RSL as well.

USMNT to Play Brazil

The U.S. Men's National Team is set to play against Brazil in a friendly on Sept. 8 at a location still to be determined. Sending up prayers that that game will be played in Orlando. Rumors made their way around social media that one of the games was likely to be played in Boston. We'll all have to wait and see.

P.S. Translate the article. Or don't. It's your life.

USWNT Adds Third Star

After beating Japan on Sunday to win its third World Cup in team history, the USWNT added a third star to their kits to commemorate the victory.

The following dialogue is a conversation between two Mane Landers at our staff "headquarters":

World Cup championships and FBI raids to take down money hungry and corrupt sports governing bodies. THAT"S WHAT AMERICA DOES.

Break Down of FIRST FOUR U.S. Goals in World Cup Final

Remember that time the United States scored four goals in 16 minutes? Good times. This is actually a really good breakdown by Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl on the video and Liviu Bird in text. Bird's breakdown of the set piece goals are particularly informative.

Wood Headed to Union Berlin

Union Berlin of 2. Bundesliga won out for the services of American Bobby Wood in the transfer window. Wood has had a tumultuous year in Munich with 1860 and this move could give the 22-year-old forward the stability he needs to make the next step in his career.

MLS team in Indy?

Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz stated in an interview recently that an MLS team is coming to Indianapolis.

Well, that's news to us. It may have been something that slipped out that wasn't supposed to. It may have been just a hypothetical of what Sakiewicz thinks will happen in the future. Or, maybe he just wanted to see how many people would catch it and make headlines of it.

Either way, Indy seems like a good place for an MLS franchise. What do you guys think? Drop a comment in and let us know.

That's it folks. Enjoy your Tuesday. Remember, when life gets tough, that America won a World Cup and took down soccer's governing body all in the same two-month span. The least you could do is finish doing the payroll numbers today.