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Pride Pub: Your Grub and Grog Selections for Orlando City vs. Columbus Crew

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Welcome to the newest installment of Pride Pub, where the idea is to maximize your viewing experience for Orlando City matches. This week, you have plenty of time to pull together the beer and the ingredients to create a feast for the match against the Columbus next Saturday. So, whether you'll be at a watch party or viewing at home...enjoy!

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Welcome Back to Pride Pub. The last time the Lions took on the Columbus Crew, the Pub couldn't seem to find an Ohio beer to feature. Well, at least one that could be obtained locally. Now, while that hasn't actually changed much up to this point, the beer we will be featuring will be available in Florida in the near future. So, consider this a preview of things to come, and we'll include an extra Florida beer to use while we wait for the one from Ohio. As always, we have delicious recommendations to eat, drink, and be merry. We pick a beer from the region of our opponent and one from Florida. We then pair those beers with an appropriate recipe. Enjoy!

From Ohio: Labrador Lager, Thirst Dog Brewery

From the brewery:

"Labrador Lager is as quintessential as the breed itself. True to style down to the European hops and yeast. Loyally following the German brewing traditions of lagering (ageing). When you unleash the flavor of this light golden-colored, perfectly balanced beer, you too will become a loyal friend of Thirsty Dog Brewing Company."

Pair with: Lemon Pepper Chicken Kebabs

Dave's recommendation: If you're pressed for time, use the chicken, the peppers, the onion, and lemon pepper seasoning.  Put it all on the bamboo skewers and broil in the oven until done.

Ohio's Florida Alternative: Florida Lager, Florida Beer Company

From the brewery (actual review from

This relatively new brew from Florida Beer Co. presents a wonderfully aromatic character from its coppery depths. We found a surprisingly fruity impression on first sniff, with a hint of citrus acidity. Expect good caramel malt expression with a sweetly floral hop edge. Northern Brewer hops are known to contribute a bit of a fragrant, almost minty note, and that's definitely in play here. It's a very unique aroma, especially for a lager, reminiscent in some ways of piney notes but distinctly different. On the palate the caramel malts offer good depth of flavor to the core of this brew, while hops add an herbal edge. Look for the bitterness to come through light-to-moderate, balancing well with the malts which are restrained in their sweetness. Finishes nicely with just a bit of lingering hops and a hint of grain. Prost!

From Florida: Florida Cracker White Ale, Cigar City Brewing

From the brewery:

The Cracker Cowboys of Florida were colonial-era settlers, often of Scots-Irish descent, who arrived in Florida when Spain traded their territory of La Florida to the English. The term Cracker in Florida usage relates to the whip these "cow hunters" used to herd cattle in Florida's Palmetto Prairies. Called Quaqueros by the Spanish, these harder and hard working Cracker Cowboys helped shape the history of Florida, the nation's oldest cattle raising state. We brew Florida Cracker White Ale with unmalted wheat, orange peel and coriander and then ferment it with a French Saison yeast strain to give it a spicy and dry finish. Perfect for a warm day on the Palmetto Prairie.

Pair withGrilled Shrimp with Herbs and Garlic

Dave's recommendation: A bit of starch filler to go with the delicious grilled shrimp is in order. Try this Baked Garlic Rice Pilaf side dish.

Well, there you have it! Ohio beer will be making its way to Florida soon, but for now, Go City! Beat Columbus!