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Lion Links: 7/25/15

Kaká on SportsCenter, MLS mid-season friendlies under debate, Pirlo is excited to be in MLS, Panama thinks their match was fixed, and Japan does cool soccer things with robots, all in today's Lion Links.

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Happy Saturday everyone, only one more day until we stick it to Man City 3 in iconic Yankee Stadium (it's about time they see a good team play in that stadium). Let's start the pre-match day preparation with some Lion Links!

Kaká Makes an Appearance on SportsCenter While on New York Media Tour

Our beloved captain is showing the world why they should all love him like we do. Yesterday, Kaká made an appearance on SportsCenter. I'd like to see Lampard or Pirlo on SportsCenter (or on the field for that matter). Kaká talked about his first year in MLS and spoke to the fact that the league is highly competitive, although maybe not yet on par with La Liga or Serie A. Kaká thinks this league has more to offer than most would think. He even goes as far as calling it a "dream come true." Well, captain, it's a dream come true to have you here!

MLS Mid-season Friendlies -- Good or Bad?

In this piece by ESPNFC, their staff ponders the question of whether or not mid-season friendlies are beneficial for MLS teams. As Orlando City fans, our unanimous answer is a resounding "NOOOOOOO" with an exceptional amount of exclamation points. With Kevin Molino out for the season and Harrison Heath injured as well, Orlando fans see no need to risk an already thin squad in meaningless games. The counterargument is that teams like LA Galaxy play matches against Manchester United and FC Barcelona and sell over 90,000 tickets. Now, obviously those games bring in money, and we all love watching New York Red Bulls beat Chelsea 4-2 with a bunch of kids, but is the injury risk worth it? Let us know in the comments.

Andrea Pirlo "Fascinated by MLS"

As a soccer fan, I love seeing a player with the quality of Pirlo in MLS, but as an Orlando City fan, I hate seeing him with NYCFC. Regardless of the fact that he must play in New York, Pirlo is "fascinated" by our league and will bring an incredible amount of skill on the tiny pitch in the Bronx. He may be 37, but the bearded maestro will be conducting symphonies on the field week in and week out. Welcome to MLS Andrea. I wonder how soon Man City calls you home.

Panama FA Calls Panama-Mexico Semifinal Fixed

In a move that surprises no one, the Panama FA has formally petitioned FIFA and CONCACAF to look into whether its Gold Cup semifinal match against Mexico was fixed or not. While many want to say it was fixed, we all know it was simply another episode of the Geiger Show. Despite countless horrible calls throughout the MLS season, the Professional Referees Organization (PRO) stands behind its officials almost religiously. Hopefully Orlando City won't have to play the refs like Panama did. Panama, we applaud your superior play against Mexico. Now, as hard as it is, it's time to root for the Reggae Boyz.

Japan Wins World Cup...of Robot Soccer

If any country is going to win something based on robotics, Japan is one of the most likely to do so. I seriously cannot stress enough how badly I want to watch this. Any chance Orlando can host? Most robots were unable to kick the ball without falling over, but maybe in 2050 we will see robots replacing the likes of Messi. No, we don't want that, but it would be cool to see skilled robots playing the beautiful game.

* * *

Enjoy your Saturday, folks. Only one more day until we own New York.