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Practice Report: Adrian Heath, Tally Hall and Tyler Turner Speak

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Orlando City trained at Sylvan Lake Park today and after training we caught up with Head Coach Adrian Heath, goalkeeper Tally Hall and defender Tyler Turner on all manner of topics.

Because we love you, constant reader, we're going to give you some additional content today. Here's our raw footage of Adrian Heath, Tally Hall and Tyler Turner speaking to the media after today's training session as the team prepares for U.S. Open Cup play at Chicago Fire and this weekend's match at New York City FC.

It's a bit rough and sometimes shaky, but you'll get the idea.

By the way, Heath's hair is wet because it rained at the end of the session and he (rightfully) chastised us for taking cover. Hey, can't let our cell phones and cameras get wet!

Adrian Heath

Tally Hall

Tyler Turner

Hope you enjoyed the additional content. We hope to be able to bring you more video in the future as our team expands. Interested in joining our staff as a video person? Write to us! Here's how.