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Orlando City vs. New York Red Bulls: Photo Gallery

A plethora of images from last night's action at the Citrus Bowl by photographer J.D. Casto.

Last night's match didn't go as planned, with yet another red card ruining a chance to take anything from the New York Red Bulls in a tight Eastern Conference playoff race.

Nevertheless, an evening spent watching Orlando City at the Citrus Bowl is always a cause for celebration, and we do that here with some outstanding images from the match by photographer J.D. Casto. You may recall J.D. did the video for our recent Stadium Report posts. We're still looking for a way to bring those back in a way that is timely and makes sense and doesn't overtax our limited resources, but we appreciate J.D.'s efforts on all fronts.

Please enjoy these colorful images from the Lions' first MLS meeting with the Red Bulls!